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01-12-08, 12:13 PM
Antipsychotic Drug Approved for Use in Addition to Antidepressants for Treating Depression
By Miranda Hitti (
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Nov. 20, 2007 -- The FDA has approved the antipsychotic drug Abilify ( for treatment of depression ( when used along with antidepressants.
Abilify isn't a new drug; it was first approved five years ago.
But it's the first drug approved by the FDA as an addition to antidepressants for adults with major depressive disorder, according to Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. and Bristol-Myers Squibb.
Abilify was discovered by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company, which partners with Bristol-Myers Squibb to sell Abilify in the U.S. and Europe.
In a news release, the drug companies report that the FDA's latest approval for Abilify was based on two studies that each lasted for six weeks.
Together, the studies included 743 depressed adults whose depression hadn't lifted despite the fact that they were taking antidepressants.
All of the patients kept taking antidepressants during the study. They also took Abilify or a placebo pill, without knowing which was which.
Before-and-after surveys show that the patients taking Abilify got more depression relief than those taking the placebo.
In those studies, Abilify's most common side effects were fidgeting, restlessness, insomnia (, constipation (, fatigue (, and blurred vision.
Earlier this month, the FDA approved Abilify to treat schizophrenia in teens ( aged 13-17. But Abilify isn't approved to treat depression in children.


04-11-08, 11:19 AM
Insanity. All this new marketing of potent anti-psychotics to treat depression because of the FDA black box warnings on SSRI's.

It really needs to stop.

04-11-08, 02:07 PM
I don't like the idea of using these anti-psychotic drugs to treat depression, either. Like webqueen18 said above me, these are potent drugs - they're used to help with schizophrenia and bipolar mania think clearly.

In February, a doctor prescribed me an anti-psychotic called Invega (paliperidone) as an aid for Lexapro (I've since gone off both). The Invega had such horrible side effects, that against medical advice, I quit it cold turkey after a week. I was waking up with sore muscles, I was constantly tired, my appetite increased, but worst of all was how it made me not give a damn about anything.

06-15-08, 10:59 PM
I am really lost as to what to think about these drugs

I am currently taking seroquel to help with sleep but i can only take i during the weekend and it is the only thing that can really get me some good sleep.

I do think the fda and dr's are generally smart people

but there is a lot of people who hate these drugs(or at least the people that hate these drugs speak out more)

06-19-08, 01:32 AM
I am bipolar as well as ADHD and can't take any SSRI's without horrible effects. Atypical antipsychotics are the only meds that have worked to relieve my depressions. I can't take Seroquel right now because of the risk of heat stroke (I am outside all day, every day walking dogs). I am starting Abilify again since I'm starting to get depressed.

I realize that different people have different reactions to medications, but Abilify does work very well for me. I had a problem with severe restlesness when I took it before but my psychiatrist and I are hoping that combining it with Depakote will work better this time.

An aside- Lamictal is approved for depression and I was on that alone and in conjunction with Depakote and it doesn't do anything for me except make me hyper, anxious, and cover me in a shroud of horrendous brain fog.