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01-21-08, 04:26 PM
I am curious to know how many of us struggle with keeping a job? I am always energetic and excited in the beginning but that wears off and I normally start calling in sick which results in me quitting or being fired.

I prefer working for myself but that can also be hard because when I fall into deep depressions I cannot get out of bed and do not deal with clients etc...

I used to have a successful massage practice but my last depression ( the last 4 months) was so bad that I pretty much lost my clientele so I am back to square one once again and that is frustrating me beyond belief!

My family has always bailed me out in the past when it comes to financial issues but they are getted tired of it and say that I am a spoiled brat, unmotivated, bright and capable but lazy, the list goes on...

I have always been a fan of self help books and the fact that I have been diagnosed with chronic depression at a very young age (I suspect it was Bipolar all along) my family and husband simply think that I am using Bipolar and ADD as an excuse. They say everyone gets depressed and no one really likes work but it must be done and that I need to get with the program and grow up.

When I am at my best, I am bright, a go getter, creative and whatever business I have had has gone very well. The problem is I cannot sustain it

Work and friendship seem to be a constant struggle in my life and I sometimes wonder what the solution is to it all. I know it is a constant effort and one must work on it day by day but sometimes the results make me want to stop trying.

Meds make me feel less depressed, less angry, more stable overall but I have felt "different" since I was very young and my life experience have now shaped how I view the world.

I was also raped when I was 17 years old and that created a whole mess of problems with self esteem, trust issues when i combine that with bipolar and ADD a happy life seems far from happening.

Matt S.
01-21-08, 04:50 PM
i have had job issues directly related to bipolar disorder, in one instance I started to get manic and told the boss I needed a day or two off to adjust to meds that would sedate me(I was supposed to have accommodations) and she insisted I was lying because I was doing such a better job. I stayed until it went mixed and I went off and walked out.

Another job I had at a salon, went sour because of effects of meds I was taking for bipolar disorder, they were also informed prior to that too and claimed to be okay with it. I walked out there too even while going to school for it for 10 months and swore that off too.

01-21-08, 05:01 PM
I am in a similiar situation although I took six months to explore other career opportunities to find out what I really want to do. I was in denial about having ADD and now I'm in the process of getting diagnosed so then I could truly focus and follow through with jobs and careers that I choose. I've been teaching music in the public schools for six years, but I got bored and changed schools and grade levels almost every two-three years. Then I decided maybe teaching isn't for me. So now I'm in a process of career change in the financial industry and am excited, but found out I'm pregnant too. The father of my child does not want to be there, so my parents have been very supportive, but they're always there to bail me out when things don't work out for me, but I know that's their way of loving and supporting me. It's just now I need extra support and help for me to really go for what I want in my life including having this child as well as taking on a new career.

As for your situation with your past, I have taken this awesome course called Landmark Forum. Check out the website ( becaused it helped me a lot in other areas of my life and letting go of the past really got me going in what I want to do.