View Full Version : Where do you get your meds prescribed?

01-22-08, 12:40 AM
Hi all,

Looking for advice again - I'm trying to find a doctor who accepts my insurance and is willing to prescribe meds for AD/HD without requiring me to go through therapy as well. I've done the therapy thing and it didn't benefit me at all because frankly, I don't really enjoy talking about my life with a stranger. I'm in a position where I am doing okay but am having some work-related issues. Nothing too serious but I feel like with meds, I could do better. I've benefited from meds in the past and would really like to start meds again.

What's sad is that I've managed to track down my old doctor by way of Google and she is in private practice, but at an anxiety disorders center that doesn't accept my insurance anyway. So sad.

So anyhow, if anyone could share the names of their doctors (anywhere in DC or the immediate suburbs), I'd be really grateful. Thanks.