View Full Version : Alternative math instruction?

01-22-08, 08:15 PM
The classical teaching format of jibber jabber, write it on the board as fast as you can, and erase it even faster meant that I could never keep up in math class (as a student). There was little time to copy the chalkboard, let alone time to try and comprehend whatever the teacher was supposedly talking about. I had to go home and spend hours poring over the textbooks (barely even getting to the problems) to try and figure out what was going on. When test time came around, even if I remembered all the equations and how to use them, I spent so much time working on the arithmetic that I often didn't finish. Yet, I can comprehend the ideas presented in math. I just have difficulty absorbing the information as it is presented. My question is, what other means exist for the teaching and learning of math? Have you, as teachers, been able to use these methods successfully?