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01-25-08, 07:48 AM
Cyclothymia is part of the Bipolar spectrum, and located at its milder end. Some people call it BPIII, or BP-Lite, or, as I call it, "BP without the hospitalization", by which I mean Cyclothymics have depression, but not Major Depressive Events (requiring medical supervision); Hypomania, not Mania; and the ever-blessed Mixed State (dysphoria).

The Cyclothymia Collective ( (http://www.%20CyclothymiaCollective) (
was founded in 2002 as a place for Cylothymics to gather and share their experiences with this chronic mood disorder. At the time I was diagnosed witıh Cyclothymia there were very few personal accounts about it online, so I set about collecting some; hence, the name of the site. There are over 400 members and we have amassed over 6000 posts, just about Cyclothymia.

Recently, I added a section for Cyclothymia and ADD/ADHD, when I was suspecting I also have ADHD. I would love for people who have both ADHD and Cyclothymia to come to the forum and share their stories.

(I have just moved the site to its own domain and am in the process of designing, so please don't mind the mess and come on in.)

Hope to see you soon,


01-25-08, 07:49 AM
okie dokie..see you there :-)