View Full Version : Lithium, Topamax, Zyban for BP

01-25-08, 08:00 AM
I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (Cyclothymia) in January of 2000, at the age of 38. I started Lithium (900mg a day) and Zoloft (50mg a day) plus Xanax as needed.

Two years ago I added Topamax for added stability-- but what I noticed was that it made me able to focus...I stayed on it for two years but then it started to tear up my stomach, so I went off it last summer. I was afraid I would lose my ability to focus...and sure enough, within four months I was...

well, I started poking around online and taking assessment tests, which all said it was "highly likely" I have ADD or ADHD. My inability to focus, the constant thoughts (I called them 'the squirrels in my brain'), the compulsion to be hyperfocused as much as I could, all are textbook ADHD.

So I talked my psychiatrist into letting me switch from Zoloft to Wellbutrin (Zyban), because there was a likelihood the usual stimulants would make me hypomanic, or manic. My psychiatrist is a BP specialist and confessed he knew nothing about ADHD, but he was willing to be persuaded (I know this sounds odd, a patient making themed decisions, but in 8 years of treatment I have become very well-informed). So I switched to Wellbutrin/Zyban, which is proven to have good effects for ADHD.

And wow. All I can say is wow. My brain is quiet, but purposeful. Not spacey. I am very calm (but not too calm). The squirrels are gone. I am very pleased!!