View Full Version : Getting drugs for ADD in the UK (Northern Ireland)?

01-29-08, 01:33 PM
Hi, apparently the right drugs can do the lion's share of the heavy work in treating ADD. So, as I'm seeing a psychologist (at least I think she is, as opposed to a phsychiatrist) who is only assessing me for ADD and may not be able to treat or prescribe medication for the condition is there a short cut to acquiring the stuff.

The therapist I'm seeing says that to get the likes of Ritalin I'd need to find a sympathetic phsychiatrist that would prescribe it. But she says that the drug hasn't been widely accepted in the UK - especially for adults - and I'm unlikely to get a prescription. Does anyone know of NHS phsychiatrists in Northern Ireland that agree with the use of stimulants like Ritalin and how do you get to see them - can you even ask your GP for a referral to a particular phsychiatrist? This probably sounds a bit naive but I don't know much about the process involved in getting to meet the specialist you require on the NHS. I mean what if your doc. refers you to someone that thinks that ADD in adults is a fairytale and Ritalin, etc. nothing more than a pill for neurotic Americans in California?

Another approach is buying the stuff through one of those online pharmacies. I can't find any ADD linked meds on Inhousepharmacy so is there another company out there supplying anything? Plus are they very expensive and are there any generics being manufactured to alleviate such a problem?


06-21-10, 09:31 AM
Do you only have ADDor do you have ADHD too because i'm on top off scale for add and hve adhd in me too im on equasym:)