View Full Version : New in Raleigh and need a doc... PLEASE HELP!

01-31-08, 08:34 PM

I just moved to Raleigh a couple of months ago, and I have run out of meds. I have been taking Adderall for the last year or so, and am very happy with it. I am 30 years old, and work as a retail auditor. Thus, it is very important that I be able to accurately count money and model numbers. Since I have run out of meds I have be losing focus and getting models mixed up. I don't know anyone in the area, and have a list about about a million doctors who accept my insurance.

Can anyone help me? I would like to find a doctor that will allow me to continue what I have been taking, without making me change anything or try something different. The medication I have been taking has changed my life for the better, and I am really concerned about my decreasing preformance at work. Anyone have a recomendation?


04-08-08, 09:12 PM
I'm in the same boat...any ideas?

04-08-08, 10:50 PM
Check this link...

It has a list of doctors... that may be helpful.

04-11-08, 01:57 AM
You can also try some of the directories in this thread ( It is a collection of places to go when searching for a health care professional. When I run across information about where or how to find doctors who treat ADD especially in adults I add it to this thread so as much information as possible is in one centralized location - Mary's information provided here and a link to her post appears in the last post of this thread.