View Full Version : ADHD and Driver Training in Teens

02-02-08, 12:56 PM

From the article:

"PSU researchers find driver education for ADHD is lacking
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</td> </tr> </tbody></table>
</td> </tr> </tbody></table> There seem to be more and more driving distractions these days. This week we have snow, and other days there are cell phones and the stereo.

But a Pittsburg State researcher has found another problem, this one effecting younger drivers: attention deficit hyperactive disorder, or ADHD.

Dr. Jamie Wood, a Pittsburg State psychologist conducted a three month survey within one of the midwestern states. He looked at student drivers with ADHD.

He says the results are very concerning.

Dr. Wood says out of the more than 300 high schools driver education instructors surveyed, the team found that 85 percent had never received training on how to teach a student driver with ADHD."


02-02-08, 03:45 PM
Exactly why I haven't taken drivers training yet. I don't want to fail or get yelled at.

02-03-08, 02:03 PM
My dad and mom never got why I was so tough to teach. My sister learned so easily. In the end, I taught myself and took a professional course. Just remember to talk with whoever is teaching you. And a good teacher won't yell at you.

And don't OD on the meds right before the test. They will probably fail someone who is acting funny. ;)

02-28-09, 04:36 AM
Im 26, i have my learners and people look at me funny. My younger brother also has ADHD but he has his full license. I didnt really want to learn as much as he did lol......

02-28-09, 04:47 AM
Not long after my 16th birthday I got hit in the head with the ball playing soccer in gym class. Why? Because I wasn't paying attention.

Somewhow, in my befuddlement, I managed to figure out that if I couldn't pay attention to a soccer game, I couldn't pay attention to traffic.

I waited a year and my mom and I saved up for driver's training classes. I also had family who were truckers and tow truck operators, professional drivers, and they helped me learn as well.

The first year I had my license, I never left my town at all. I just stuck to certain routes at first.

I'm glad I did.

I still hate driving in a city and will often park and ride if they have a decent public transit system.

08-31-09, 04:24 AM
I've been driving about 5 years now, a fairly large amount, and have never gotten a ticket or into an accident. While driving, there is so much stuff to notice that I am always focused.

08-31-09, 05:10 AM
Good point, I had a terrible time learning to drive, had to take extra lessons etc.
I'm sure that if I had an instructor who understood ADD it would have helped tremendously. (of course I had never even heard of ADD at the time, I wish I had!)

08-31-09, 07:24 AM
I don't think this is about ADHD as much as it's about teenagers.

I don't see any research to back up the "four times more likely" assertion and even if there was any is it accurate?

There have been plenty of suggestions based on studies that the age when kids are able to drive be raised til they are more physically and mentally mature, I don't agree with it, but its been put out there.

As well, ADD/ADHD is more prevalent in men or at least underrepresented in women, what about the undiagnosed? where do they fall in with those stats?.

There's all kinds of room to make rash statements about people with ADD when you are talking predominantly about teenage men behind a multi-ton hunk of metal moving at speed. Thats why they pay higher insurance premiums.

Driving is the one thing I do incredibly well, I've never been scared of it, passed the test with flying colours and in 17 yrs driving have had only two speeding tickets and one parking fine. It's a hugely enjoyable activity for me and if knew for a fact that other drivers were as careful as they could be I'd probably apply for my motorcycle license too.

If only I were able to harness that kind of finesse and apply it to every other area of my life. It's poetry in motion I tell ya!! :p

Trooper Keith
08-31-09, 08:21 AM
I have ADHD and bipolar disorder. When I was learning how to drive, I accidentally turned wide into an oncoming lane, causing my parents to freak out. When I got home after that drive I didn't drive again for 6 months or so. Then I picked it right back up and had no troubles. My friends and family tell me I'm a bit of aggressive driver (and, when upset, reckless) driver, but I drive fine and have only a few speeding citations to my name.