View Full Version : Could I have a mild tourette?

02-04-08, 11:10 PM
As someone with adult ADD, bipolar-II and some obsessions... Is it likely I could have some kind of tourette or something similar? I think nobody mentioned this to me because its milder than the typical stereotype... I can limit it when Im around other people. I have urges to connect sounds, words or phrases to objects, animals or people.

For example I have a cat and I always have to greet him with a special sound when I come home. Its almost like meow sound but in my own version of it. I can also go extreme with "baby talk" around young babies. I never have to shout out a swear word in public but like I said I have these urges to make sounds or say words/phrases daily. If I try to stop it then it starts feeling negative (like I'm going to explode) in just few hours.

04-07-08, 10:17 AM
I am quite interested on the differences between tics and compulsions, although I believe they are on a continuum - different ends of the same scale.

When you mention your cat, you say you 'always have to greet him with a special sound'. To me, this sounds like the urge is on the compulsion half of the scale, but nearer the middle and the end.

You also mention 'if I try to stop it then it starts feeling negative'. This can happen with either tics or compulsions, but your main concern seems to be the negative feeling rather than the difficulty in preventing the occurances.

By the way, Tourettes does not have to include swear words.

I think the 'extreme baby talk' is just a motherly side of you or a wish to interact with the babies rather than any form of tic or compulsion.

I hope this helps :)

02-24-09, 12:34 AM
To me this does not sound like tourettes Often (i cant say always, because i do not know) tourettes syptoms are tics, not compulsions. The difference being, you are not always compelled to make that odd "meow" sound, only when you see a cat. I think if you had tourettes, you would always suffer the compulsion to make that sound, making it a tic. I am not convinced of this idea, you having tourettes, but the only person that can know for sure is you doctor/phsycaitrist. Perhaps something like OCPD?

02-24-09, 02:09 AM
It should be pointed out that to be diagnosed with Tourette's, you have to present multiple motor tics, and at least one vocal tic. Also, other causes of tics disorders need to be ruled out first (myclonic twitches, autism, schizophrenia, dystonia etc). It's a bugbear of mine when people directly associate tics to Tourette's.

To the OP, what you describe sounds more like compulsion, and less like complex tics.