View Full Version : Weight gain supplements?

02-05-08, 10:15 AM

I've been back on Concerta since returning to school a month ago (before that I was living on the beach in Brazil and not working - no need for meds then). I'm having a terrible time eating enough. I've lost 20 pounds in a month, and to begin with I had already lost some weight living in Brazil, walking everywhere and eating mostly fruit. I pull my belt so tight that my jeans are all bunched up at the top, it looks ridiculous, but if I don't they will fall off.

I see they have weight gain shakes at the supplement store. Is it healthy to have a big breakfast, some almonds throughout the day, a shake for lunch, more almonds, then a medium size supper? I know a solid meal would be best, but I'm just not motivated to make food and eat it.:mad:

02-05-08, 11:11 AM
Some food is always better than no food, especially if you're trying not to lose any more weight. Nuts have healthy fats in them, lots of protein, and more calories than many other snack foods. I eat lots of nuts and it helps me keep from losing too much weight. I've never tried weight builder shakes as I hate all shakes, but I'm sure they would help you ingest enough calories and be easier to eat than a regular meal if you're having appetite suppression issues. Once your body adjusts to the stimulant, I would imagine that it will be much easier for you to eat normally. I couldn't eat at all when I started taking adderall, but after about a month I adjusted, and I don't have trouble any more (still hate anything too salty or dry, though). You could also try ice cream (sure, it's not as healthy as a shake, but it's easy to swallow and has plenty of calories)!

11-24-08, 01:52 AM
A big breakfast is a good start. I try and eat every 2 hours. I HATE making lunches and dinners. So for work, I usually bring a can of tuna, and an avocado. I'll dice the avocado into a bowl of tuna, add salt/pepper and it's quite tastey. Sometimes I'll put it in a bun. OR I'll bring a can of beans and an apple. At work I'll dice the apple into the beans and cook it together (we have a stove). It's quick, painless and surprisingly good.

I've learned to be innovative when it comes to cooking. At dinner time we tend to eat a lot of pre-made lasagnas (M&M Meats) or perogies with applesauce. That's our staple food when I'm not up to cooking.

I think as long as you're eating a healthy breakfast and dinner, I think you'll be fine with bringing some quick easy-to-serve snacks for throughout the day. ie: almonds, fruit, yoghurts, mini-pizzas.. Do you like hummus? My new fav snack .. with crackers. You can buy the snackable ones.