View Full Version : Careers for ADHD'ers

02-10-08, 01:58 AM
I have floated around the job market for a while. The only job worth a crap for me was as a Fire Fighter. I'm not able to do that job now, due to an injury. I was under my own, misguided, impression that I could jump back into a call center job. WRONG!!! Wow! I never realized how boring it is to talk on the phone to people all day. If anyone has any suggestions as to what fields may lead toward an ADHD'er not wanting to shoot himself in the leg, as opposed to going to work. I would really be thankful.

02-10-08, 03:23 AM
Are other medical trauma type jobs out because of your injury (ER nurse; ambulance driver; and such)?

Some of the careers I've heard working well for ADDers I know include teaching, mental health professionals, real estate salesmen, other types of sales, computer programing, etc

I guess it really dependings on what you find interesting. Have you ever gotten any career counseling or taken one of those tests that match your interests with people who are happy in their field. I took one in high school and it was right on the money.

Good luck to you and welcome to the forums!:)