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02-11-08, 09:03 PM
Okay, so I ALWAYS have major problems with hyperfocusing whenever I'm doing my homework, or anything really! I almost dread getting homework that involves writing on the computer, because either (when I'm off my meds) I'm flipping between 20 different internet webpages with nothing done 2 hours later, or (when I'm on my meds) I hyperfocus and end up with 2 paragraphs out of 10, that I had hyperfocused on and re-editted and re-editted for the entire time, totally forgetting about the bigger picture. (And typically, after spending 10 hours re-editting those 2 paragraphs and 2 hours left before due-date, I get the other 7 finished in a panicked rush.)

Thats usually what happens for /every/ big project I ever get. Its almost like its really tough for me to pull away from something I'd worked on, so badly that its easier for me to re-do the entire thing, then actually pull away from it. Or for me to think "Okay, thats done! Whats next?"
Some examples of me hyperfocusing are:
I skipped a day of school for, and spent 3 evenings working on a 3 page speech for a History class. On the day that I skipped school, I got only half a page done, as I had constantly re-edited the same stuff. In the end, I got 50% of the speech done in the final half of the last evening, and only added the important, essential stuff then.
I pulled an all nighter attempting to get my handwriting for a class booklet neat enough, and at 6:00 am was when I panicked and actually got most of the booklet done.
Also, I like drawing and art class. However, I tend to repaint sections of paintings over and over and over again, ignoring the big important sections and mistakes that actually need to get finished, until the due date approaches and I panic. Also, a flaw that horribly bugged me one day, I can be totally oblivious to the next day.

02-11-08, 09:24 PM
Basically, does anybody else go through this as well?

02-12-08, 03:24 AM
I go through this every single ****ing day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02-12-08, 06:53 PM
Hahah yep. I do the computer thing all the time.

I have to remove myself from the situation - go to a room on campus, to Starbucks, to the library. I can't do any work in my dorm at all. It's all about changing your surroundings.

07-05-11, 11:47 PM
im hyper active and i do that a lot i tend to zone out to a meditative form of concentration where I believe that i may of fell asleep it was not untill recently when i found out about hyper focusing