View Full Version : New to Methylin ER

02-12-08, 05:03 PM
So I saw a psychiatrist yesterday who though it justified to try stimulant treatment for my ADHD symptoms. He prescribed 20 mg Methylin ER daily. Today is my first day and Im not sure how things went. I did feel slightly more clear headed during the day and was able to maintain a more linear thought process but wasnt overly impressed. I was also slightly tired and groggy during the day which surprised me because I though a stimulant would make me feel much more awake. Is is common with Methylin? My doc also explained that if necessary we could titrate the dose up when I see him next month. Do you think the dosage is just too low or maybe a different med would work better? Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.

03-09-08, 11:07 PM
I'd love to know how it is going for you now on the Methylin ER. This is my second day, was up all night first time, so took a day in between. Am online all day but not real motivated to excersize, etc.
Am on 20mg as well and wondering what to expect, anyone????