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02-25-04, 10:14 PM
Part One: Enter the Night
Young Bobby Green has had trouble sleeping for the past few months; he has disturbing nightmares about his past, in which he endures the difficulty of confronting the only daemon in his life, his father.* Bobby's father is overly controlling, feels that society's rules and laws are below him, and is an abusive, pain pill abusing alcoholic who uses Bobby for "slave labor" on the weekends that bobby is court ordered to see him/* For the past six months, bobby has not had to see his father, except for in his nightmares.
** Bobby cannot close his eyes at night without having to confront his tormentor, and his even considering going without sleep, with the help of drugs, if necessary.* Bobby has also been considering an alternative to using drugs - to confront the source of his nightmares, and eliminate it.
** One night Bobby wakes up in a cold sweat, fear has consumed all logic that ever was in his mind.* Bobby jumps out of bed, runs to the kitchen, picks up the biggest knife in sight, and sneaks outside so that he can walk to his tormentors dwelling, more commonly refereed to as "Hell."
** After Bobby sneaks in through the unlocked basement window, he goes upstairs, to his tormentor's bedroom.* The door creaked like an old Iron Gate as Bobby slowly pushed it open.* Like a lion approaching his prey, Bobby crept to the foot of the bed, knife still in hand, and gleaming as if eager to be used.* Moving ever so slowly, Bobby climbs onto the bed, and over his tormentor.* Bobby's eyes have turned entirely red, and every vein in his face is inflated, as a balloon would be by a maniacal clown.
** Hovering over his tormentor, Bobby slowly raises the knife over his head, the higher the knife goes, the broader the grin on his face gets.* After his arm is fully extended, he pauses briefly, as if to savor the moment, then thrusts the knife into his tormentor's neck, blood spurts onto Bobby, which causes him to laugh hysterically while he continues to stab his tormentor.* The eyes of the daemon open, fear then consumes them as the daemon screams in agony.* The daemon's fear has caused his blood pressure to rise, and the height of the blood fountains found allover his body steadily get higher, until they are painting the ceiling in red.* With the final thrust of the knife, the blood fountains synchronously turn off.* The daemon lets out a final struggling breath, and then becomes still.* Bobby Green never had another nightmare.