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02-25-04, 10:16 PM
* The Bobby Green Stories are based upon the life of an abused child, who now must live with the aftermath of that which has left him emotionally crippled and psychologically debilitated.* Please take notice that these stories are dramatizations, and are works of fiction, no matter how much they resemble the life of the real Bobby Green.* This work is a prelude to the Bobby Green Stories, and is simply to provide background information about Bobby's emotions.
All of my life, Iíve hated one person.* Before I knew what hatred was, I felt it in the depths of my heart for one evil person.* Every night, I pray to be given a chance to kill just one person.* Such strong emotions for a child to bear, but my desperate cry for vengeance has been emitted from my lips every night since I was seventeen.* My goal in life is to bring death to one pathetic excuse for a person.
*********** Every night, just as I close my eyes, I see his face, I see the psychotic grin he bears, and I see the hatred in his eyes, and every night the face falls to the knife I place into those evil eyes.* I sleep with a knife under my pillow, I have not felt safe since I was eight years old, and was left overnight at my grandmotherís house while he was on a business trip.* Every night that I have spent with the possibility of seeing him, Iíve not slept soundly during.* I constantly caress my knife on these nights, taking comfort in the one way I can protect myself, with the dreams of his demise.*