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02-14-08, 11:11 AM
seems to be a big problem. I can go to bed, but when it comes to waking up 6+ hours body says no.

I went to bed at about 145am last alarm went off at 9am, but I didn't want to get up. I ended up listening to my alarm go off for a good 1.5 hours before my body would actually move. The past week I haven't gotten out of bed until a good 20 minutes before work...enough time to rush to work. I've talked to my pdoc at my last appointment about my inability to rise in the morning (IE - hitting the snooze button for 3 hours)...he didn't see a problem with it. I see a problem...It's about to make me late for work.

It's almost as if I go into some kind of coma while I'm asleep...It's one of those once Im out...I'm down for the count. I let myself sleep one day just to see how long it would take for me to get out of bed....16 hours and that was with my mom coming in my room and checking to see if I was still alive.

I can't blame it on winter or cold or anything like that cause I live in Florida...the sunshine state...I'm already wearing flipflops again.

Does anyone else have problems waking matter how much sleep they get?

02-14-08, 11:36 AM
Weirdly, no. As a matter of fact, since I switched to Adderol I've been sleeping better. If you don't sleep well, however, then you may not be sufficiently rested when you try and arise. Do you exercise at all? That's also made a huge difference for me.

02-14-08, 11:44 AM
Does anyone else have problems waking matter how much sleep they get?

Some days yes, some days no. Usually on the days where I HAVE to do something I cant seem to drag myself out of bed, and often will nap after the thing I needed to do is done. On days where I have nothing that would require me to get up early.... I am awake at 7 am! ACK

02-14-08, 11:18 PM
Well first off I must have been really tired when I made that thread title. lol

Zoomman - No, I do not...I'm not exactly the "get sweaty" type of person...I hate getting sweaty which is the only reason I hate living in Florida.

Dory - If I know I have something to Monday I had a doctor's appointment at 1045am, so I was up by 7am (even though I went to bed at like 3am) problem. Any other's like pulling teeth.

I wish I could actually wake up early sometimes...actually get stuff done instead of feeling like I wasted my whole day sleeping.