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02-25-04, 10:18 PM
"The Bobby Green Story: Part Two, Lucidity's Return to the Night"****
* Moisture lingers in the air, the same type that preludes a lightning storm, and an eerie silence is enforced upon all that is within it’s reach.* Bobby Green is sleeping peacefully in his bed, for the past week, he’s not had a single nightmare.* Overconfident with the newfound safety-net of slumber, Bobby carelessly lets formerly familiar thoughts drift back into his conscious stream of thought during the day; though these things greatly trouble Bobby, he simply shakes it off as being nervous in school.*
*********** Bobby Green has found a place of peace, for a pleasant change, this place is in his sleep.* No violent thoughts enter his sleep, only thoughts of holding the one he loves with all his heart in his arms are allowed in.* Every fortification has it’s weakness though; Bobby does not deal well with changes in routine, when something changes, his body knows it, and reacts with great opposition to the source of this change.* Weather Bobby wants to or not, he will resist with all his might against these forces of change.* Bobby has not yet rebuilt the defenses of his sleeping mind, and his body knows this.* The body is set to attack at nightfall, when the head hits the pillow, the artillery will follow.* Bobby is on vacation, he has not his own bed to sleep in, instead, he occupies the floor.
Four raspy, unhesitating voice whisper from the shadows of each corner of the room in unison “VULNERABILITY!* Let him burn!* BURN, BOBBY, BURN!”
A clap of thunder echoes between the hills, amidst the valleys, and down the creek which seems to flow from the beginning of existence to the end of time.* Bobby jumps straight up, his eyes opening for the first time tonight, quickly, his eyes glance at the grandfather clock which has been looming over him, even after he sat up.
(A clock can’t stop us, Bobby!)

A drop of sweat falls off of Bobby’s forehead and lands on his hand, still clutching his chest in fear.* The clock chimes, each beat of the tune it plays seems to race each drop of sweat that falls from Bobby’s face, each beat following the droplet by a split second, until the last beat chimes and restores the silence, the sweat continues to spew forth.* Bobby’s eyes then move towards the light switch, which remains one step out of the reach of his eyes at all times.* Thunder sounds again, interrupting the long awaited silence, and returning the sweat beads to Bobby’s forehead, a secondary accumulation of moisture happens underneath the blankets, Bobby either does not notice, or does not care, his expressions are unable to express either, for fear has completely consumed him in the night.* The thunder stops, the sweat beads slow, and serenity is restored once more.
*** Fluttering eyes bring Bobby’s head back to his pillow, the fluttering ceases, the eyes remain closed.* Thunder sounds in the distance, a brilliant flash eventually follows, neither awaken Bobby from his peaceful slumber.* Hours of uninterrupted sleep pass, Bobby has reached the most peaceful place in his sleep, at which point another factor enters his mind.
(“You can’t keep us out, Bobby, There’s just no winning when you are put head to head against that which has no head, let alone a physical form that you can comprehend…”)

*** At the same moment that the unknown factor enters his mind, the nightmares return.* Those who are trusted turn upon Bobby, their hands reaching forth for his neck, their eyes, red and filled with hate, glare at Bobby menacingly.* Muffled screams are all that Bobby can manage to let out, the unknown factor has taken hold of Bobby entirely.
(“I will have you soon, Bobby!”)

Lightning strikes the tree nearest to the room Bobby occupies, singed and flaming embers dance across the window, seemingly pushing and shoving each other out of the way, all to get a seat in the front row of Bobby’s violent reaction to the nightmare’s return.
The four voices consume all that is left of Bobby’s mind, he is unable to resist their presence, all he can do is bear the nightmares they create as they bore deeper into his mind.
“There is no winning, Bobby, there is only the becoming, for nothing is ever as simple as winning or loosing.”