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02-19-08, 12:16 PM
For those out there inclined to do so, here is a company that produces excellent videos on hundreds of subjects and FULL EXPLANATION OF THE SUBJECT MATTER IS GIVEN ( Usually I feel that it's not that people can't understand rocket science, it's just that no one has the time in a classroom to explain it. The majority of prof's that I see have such a full plate that they can't usually teach with the quality that they want to. With text books being written for profit and not quality, many exceptionally bright students struggle unnecessarily.

If you are in a class and are having a hard time with the courses materials, these videos may be the answer that you're looking for. It's like having a classroom in your living room and the prof's are highly effective. For non-traditional students with limited time for study, they're highly effective for time-management. Study less and learn more. When I get a 100pg reading assignment in history but have diaper duty that evening, 1hr with the videos gives me the info that I need and this keeps me from falling behind; lowering the stress of being a student on top of other life-req's. Perhaps there's others on this site in a similar situation that could benefit.


If you've always thought you'd like to learn from a prof without sitting in a classroom then here's the way to go.


The company markets primarily to life-long learners and the courses aren't cheap at their face value. However, every course goes on sale at least once a year and they always have sales. To give you an idea of the sale price relative to the regular price. I bought a $200 course on Probability for $40. The sales are meant, I think, to appeal to customers that do not have mucho dinero. This way the company hits 2 groups of consumers instead of one.

Libraries generally have some of their courses as well.

If anyone has a good experience, please let me know. I don't get a nickel from this company and simply like to support companies that provide quality educational products to society.

Any college students looking for study tips/ideas, please feel free to PM me.