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02-20-08, 03:17 AM
hi, I'm diagnosed as ASPD, does anyone here have any experience with this disorder or know of any resources for me?

Matt S.
02-20-08, 09:15 AM
Private Message Me.

I think that discussion about this PD that is constructive is not possible on the main boards.

02-20-08, 10:35 AM
its ok. I've pretty much given up finding any kind of resources at this point. they daignosed me add and aspd, and since then I haven't found anyplace that has any kind of help.

I don't have insurance so I'm not on any medication.

if its not an appropriate place for me to seek support, I won't.

02-20-08, 11:08 AM
I don't think that's what mspen meant. You have found a safe place to seek support, it's just the private forums might be a better place for you to get the support you need. Please send an PM to mspen.

02-20-08, 11:41 AM
oh, thank you addrus!

I think I'm just feeling discouraged. I will send a pm.

Matt S.
02-20-08, 12:04 PM
You have found a safe place here and ADDrus was right that I wanted to PM you for a good reason.

There are a lot of unnecessary perceptions about ASPD and I wanted to help you in an understanding empathetic way that others, based on perceptions that are valid, yet not applicable to everyone would most likely express.

02-20-08, 12:49 PM
thanks for the pm! I do know the perceptions people have of me because of this diagnosis. some are not incorrect. but I am human and I really want to find ways to make my life better and safer and to interact with folks who are maybe farther along than I am.

thanks again both of you!

03-17-08, 09:57 PM
Reesah, I have also been diagnosed with ASPD. Feel free to contact me as I am also looking for others to speak with.

03-17-08, 10:18 PM
People can get their passwords for the Private Forums by emailing the Moderator.


03-18-08, 12:02 AM
So why can ASPD not be discussed in the public forum anyway? I think it would be appropriate for it to be discussed here and seen for what it is, rather than for the misconceptions that most people believe.

Nearly every message board I have come across that has a section for ASPD labels us as monsters - which is not true.

Some of us can control our actions.

I wanted to add a thank you to QueensU_girl, I know you are just trying to help.