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02-27-08, 04:05 AM
Does anyone else act out in class? It's not on purpose but I act like a stereotypical 7 year old with ADHD at 16. I'm not in control of most of my actions and it seems hardly worth the effort to stifle the ones I can control. I'll give you an example of my day:

(My classes are 80 minutes long so I only have 4 classes a day so this is actually two days.)

A Block: Orchestra - Sit down. Set up (I play percussion). Do homework. Text my god-sister. Play. Go outside. Take pictures. Go back inside. Do an interpretive dance to the songs I don't have a part in. Play the harp. Use the drum sticks to pretend I'm playing violin and amuse the harpists. Text some more. Forget to come in. Play. Drum on my lap. Pack up.

B Block: Science - Plug in laptop (I have dysgraphia). Pull up homework to be checked. Pull up notes. Take notes. Go to the bathroom. Text. Go back. Take notes. Fall asleep. Dance in my chair. Beat box. Fall asleep. Go outside. Take pictures. Daydream. Forget how much time has passed. Run to class. Sit and stare at the board. Forget to take notes. Make weird noises with my mouth. Daydream. Pack up.

C Block: English - Daydream.

D Block: Math - Take out notebook. Doodle. Take notes. Doodle. Write notes on my calculator to my seat partner. Type in a lot of 0's and 1's and press clear so it looks like the matrix. Do examples on the handout. Doodle on the handout. Draw on the desk. Balance on the back legs of the chair. Sing a song. Forget the words. Sing a different song. Beat box. Bang my head on the desk. Update my planner. Sing another song. Say something really loud. Bang my feet on the floor. Fall out in my chair. Whine. Go outside. Get food from the vending machine. Smuggle it in. Eat. Sing another song. Pack up.

E Block: History - I'm pretty good for this one.

F Block: Spanish - Plug in laptop. Type notes to my neighbor. Sit on the floor. Take out ALL of my highlighters. Arrange and rearrange them in pretty patterns (I have 8). Make comments during the movie. Share funny quotes with my neighbor. Make more comments. Play with my highlighters. Sit at my desk. Draw on my neighbor's notebook. Pretend to tattle when she writes on mine. Daydream. Pack up.

G Block: Dance - Play music. Jump around. Harass people. Do funny dances. Poke my friend. Tap people on the shoulder and look away. Dance. Text. Poke my friend. Text. Dance. etc.

H Block: Advanced Dace - See above.

I left out a lot of things because it was getting long. But that pretty much my day. I don't like being disruptive. I don't know what to do about this. Does anyone else have this problem?

02-27-08, 10:48 AM
Hi, I'm new here, and I'm a mom of a teen with ADHD. Is it ok for me to post here? I am seeking insight!

You sound a lot like my ds. He was on meds for the first time ever at the beginning of the school year. His teachers never even suspected he had ADHD, he was doing so well. However, inside his own head, he was still frustrated, especially with working slowly and being teased for being quiet or hyperfocusing.

Now he is off meds (he refuses and we aren't sure how to address that) and displaying symptoms such as you describe. He just can't get and/or stay focused. The teacher's solution to this is to nag him and call or email me.

I have no clue what my role is as his mother. If I punish him for this, he will bein the doghouse every day of his life for the next 4 years. :(

Sadly, I can't find any parental support, as this seems to be how most paretns handle it. And teachers say, "I understand he might have an attentional problem, BUT he needs to learn to control himself..."

02-27-08, 02:50 PM
re: #2

So they appreciate the attentional issues, but they don't 'get' the impulsivity ['the nature of self-control'; self-regulation; Russell Barkley stuff] or the restlessness (hyper; chatty; distracted) issues.

This is brain-based stuff -- not a "choice" [opposite to what the Teacher's statement 'he needs to learn to control himself" IMPLIES, as far as I can tell....]

Sounds like the teacher/s need some education, eh?

mrs A
02-29-08, 04:22 PM
Yes, I agree with teachers needing to "get" with ADHD and what it does! I am just going through a problem with a replacement teacher in one of my ds classes. It was interims this week and she worded her frustrations very mean! First, she has no control over the class (bad teacher!) then you put a kid with ADHD in that mix and how do you think he will act? She said he was "disrespectful",an "occassional liar", unsafe, mean, immature, not handing in assignments (she misplaced 2 and he was just late in handing in the other)
Yet, all of his other 7 teachers and counsellor say he is so polite and respectful! So why just her class? Gee, couldn't have anything to do with her teacher abilities?!

Yup, I would say teachers need to learn about ADHD and what they do or don't do will have major affects on these kids.
I am waiting for her call but I know how it will go, just like all his past crappy teachers!

I have printed off "12 things high school students with ADD/ADHD would like their teachers to know" and will be giving it to her in hopes that she will learn something.