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02-27-08, 04:16 AM
I gotta post this for all. I have been using this software for several months and while it is not perfect, it is quite good for those of us that need to take drugs multiple times a day. It can be set to remember each dose at what time, and it shows that when it goes off. It can be programed to be silent when in a meeting, but it will time out 1, 2 or 3 hours later, and start reminding you again.

It also keeps a log to remind space cadets like me whether I took a dose or not.

Two downsides: I am now addicted to having my PDA with me all the time, and it is not freeware. It is shareware, and try both sides of it, the desktop side, and the PDA side, as the desktop software makes setup really easy, but I found it to be an annoyance on the desktop more than a help.

When my 30 days with the PDA side ran out, I just paid up for the service to work again. Its that good, and became that important to my life. The big plus is that when syncing to work, it leaves no records in Outlook or whatever calendaring program is used, so no one has to know what you take when.

With that, check it out at

11-05-08, 11:46 AM
Thanks for the Excellent comments on using OnTimeRx software.
As the developer, it's always nice to get mentioned in forums by real users - hopefully OnTimeRx can help others with ADHD.

I wanted to offer a suggestion for eliminating your "annoyance" with the desktop program.

There's no need to have the same alarm schedule on both platforms. You can do a couple of things - Simply set the desktop Option/Preference for the Alarm Mute to ON and no alarms will sound on your monitor. Or you can switch all of your meds from Routine to "As Needed" (PRN) and no alarms will pop up at all.

I personally use my PDA for med reminders and my desktop program to remind me to do non-medication related things like: pay phone bills, check my bank balance, return library books, etc.

There's another option for cell phone users. Try the OnTimeRx 30-Min Free Reminder Service. The email and pager reminders are all Free. But because phone msgs have to go through a gateway, the larger phone subscriptions require a small monthly fee.

Adherence is tough for everyone! Thanks again for helping spread the word.