View Full Version : ADHD Update & Bristol & SE Wales Adult Support Group

02-27-08, 06:06 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have received an email about the Adult ADHD clinic in Bristol as follows:

I have good news regarding the Adult ADHD clinic. The local PCT has agreed to continue the clinic for the next financial year, as they have considered the "pilot " phase successful. From April onwards we will be running "officially" as part of the local mental health services. Not only we are up and running but we are going to receive supplementary funding. It is not a huge amount but it is enough to expand the clinic a bit. I still have to meet with the managers to decide how this money is going to be spend but possibly we will be able to offer more clinical time, that is to see more patients and reduce the current waiting list. I also hope to liberate some time so we can run a group to support relatives, this needs some preparations but hopefully could be done relatively quickly.

This is a quick reminder that the Bristol & South East Wales Support Group for Adults with ADHD will be meeting on Monday 3 March from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at The Pierian Centre. 27 Portland Square, Bristol BS2 8SA. I have a PDF with the directions if anybody needs it.

I am working on arranging for speakers to come to the group. So far we have an ADHD coach coming to the meeting in June to tell us about the coaching process. I have also got some potential speakers who can talk to us about medications, the ADHD brain, and others. I will bring the list of potential speakers to the meeting with me, and we can discuss which ones would be of interest to us.

Please feel free to either email or PM me for further details.