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02-28-08, 04:13 PM
I know we have blogs, but I had mine set on private so only my friends can read it and I was wanting thoughts on how things go compared to whats considered normal cause this was my first time with a therpist.

It went well, I thought. Unlike my pdoc she treated me like I might actually know something. I might actually be an educated individual capable of making my own decisions. She asked me where I wanted the therapy to go and what I wanted to work on. I honestly told her...I don't know; I just thought it would benefit me to talk to someone about some unresolved issues I have. She thought it was a good place to start, but gave me an assignment for this week. I have to write down everything that bugs me about me. I also liked how she told me exactly what I was diagnosed with unlike my pdoc who said "Here, this will help with your mood" and because of family history...I just assumed what it was. That was validated today. She actually asked a lot about my family biological and none...validated a lot of my feelings.

Something that was off to me is I thought being sexually abused as a toddler and child had never affected me(by's not something I think about or have flash backs about...It just has no place or validity in my life) and she said, "Yes, because it happened so have nothing to compare it to. Unlike people that it happens to later in life who can see the change and notice when it affects their life."

She also said something about repressed memories and how she doesn't like to focus on them because you can create them. *shrugs* I really don't know anything about that or repressed memories and I was just kinda wanting everyone thoughts cause you know..this is my first time and I don't really know how therapy is supposed to work.

02-29-08, 01:12 AM
Different therapists have different styles. I have heard of therapists that set goals, and focus on topics. I guess it works for some people, I can't stand stuff like that-- I feel like they're trying to tell me what to do (I have a serious problem with authority, always have). I hate structure and have trouble conforming to it. I've been seeing my therapist on and off for 8 years. I just ramble-- she listens & offers input when I ask. We have lots of interesting intellectual conversations as well (she has a pHd in neurobiology as well as one in psychology) This is perfect for me-- sometimes I talk about my dog for an hour, other times I might mention difficult issues from the past, it all depends on what I'm thinking about or what I'm emotionally capable of addressing on any given day. Therapy is what you make of it really. I think the most important part is finding someone that you get along with and feel that you can trust. Good Luck! It definitely helps to have someone to talk to who won't judge you and who will keep everything you say in absolute confidence.