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02-28-08, 07:45 PM
Why to Tread Lightly

I can't stop this buzzing
In the air
It's all around me
Vibrating my skin

Thousands of tiny, angry bees
Trying to break out of this
Taunted hive
in a haunted tide
And I don't blame them

I know it's in my mind
But the stinging is real
It's the relief that's not

I'm searching for the right notes, a tune
To tame the static
And calm this chaotic silence
That I'm drowning in

But there's no time
I must keep running
Out of the lake
While carrying this weight
To keep the world off my back

02-28-08, 07:46 PM

Heads or tails
Make your choice
It's still just luck
You had no voice

Is still our best answer
To “Why?” So far. So f*** it
Leave it to the children
To figure it all out

When we die
Do we wake up?
or Fall into a deeper sleep?

Well while I wait
I'll try to untangle these
Chains of time
Because that's all I really want

See the cries for death
Come from a wish for true life
But it's easy to make the wrong choice
When the world's got you hanging
Wrapped up, Upside down

But don't perish in the cocoon of memory, love
You don't know how close you are
To freedom

In other words,

You have the right idea
Standing on the edge of the cliff
But true courage
Is the leap of the mind
Only then will you fly
And be free

02-28-08, 07:47 PM
? Billion Years and Counting

Is the price we pay
For innocence

Thought the universe was your playground, eh?
Well nothing's free
Now be our slave
You've gotta work for us now
To earn back your soul

Say the fallen old victims
To the new angels
Here on a mission
To set us free

So the Earth completes a spin
One more time
Turning it's back on the sun, a new end has begun

And we run
As our wings burn
We run and hide

Trying to forget
That we could once fly