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02-28-04, 01:36 AM
I was married 21 years ago in July of '82.
I gave birth to my first child, a boy, Lloyd, in 1988.
I gave birth to my second child, again a boy,Vincent,in 1997.
I left my cheating husband on the 21 of november, 2003
spent 2 gruelling weeks in a shelter with 7 other women and children.
Got a chance to get a 3 bedroom aptment in town...right under the fools nose. So I took it...(and here is where my story gets funny)
I moved in on the 6th of dec......I was given food to get me started. So now I had a safe place for my boys and me...the proverbial pot to pee in.....but dam if I didn't have not a pot to cook in!
So I had to scamble to provide a meal on short order for my kids.
I went to the store and bought microwave microwave, but they can be heated in the oven...
The oven was dirty, so when I open the door I ended up with a cloud of smoke, which of course set off the smoke detectors.
Then like a fool I went ahead and cooked the meals and when they were about done I went to take them out,....dang it I had no oven mitts. Well, at least I had the sense to buy plastic silverware. and bowls and milk for breakfast.
As for beds, I just made do with as many towels as I a real good dose of what homelessness is like....minus the cold
we were at least warm, and not hungrey. I must say it was an adventure,....because the next morning when i was cruising in the common room, another resident came in and asked me how I was settleing,...I told her I was doing ok,...was just looking for a cup or mug for coffee,...she asked me "don't you have any of that?" to which I replied, no nothing, no beds, no chairs, no table...well within minutes...I had a mattress for my youngest and pillows and blankets for all of us. Its said God helps those who help themsevles,..and on that day it was true....I helped me to better my life and someone else offered me help along the way.
Well, I look for the humour everyday in sad, bad, or diffacult situations,....its the only way I can survive.....In this case, the humour was obvious....I had the proverbail pot to pee in,...but no dang pot to cook in!
I am now doing just great by the way...have beds and a table and all kinds of junk...Nothing like starting over with nothing to see how fast the clutter builds up.
Hope you could see the humour there too.
Remember laughter is the window to the human soul.


02-28-04, 11:28 AM
big hugs penny girl, you are very brave, i hope to be half the "man" you are someday. Yes, I know you are a woman, but you have the qualities of bravery and compassion and so on that is considered to be what makes a stong "man" but in this case, it's a strong "woman."


02-28-04, 12:05 PM
What you have done is made a better life for you & your children.
You are a very strong woman & I truly admire you.

03-10-04, 05:04 PM
Huggggs penny,......i knew some of this but i was not aware that you left with nothing. I know what thats like because twice i have walked away with absolutely nothing andstarted over.

It isso true that one needs to look atr the humour in a situation in order to survive. Bless that woman who helped you penny. Keep Your head up, are doing the right thing here. I am so proud of you penny for having the courage not just to leave,...but to leave with nothng but your kids and your determination.

03-10-04, 05:16 PM
hugggsss penny
you are an inspiration!!!!

03-11-04, 10:38 AM
Quite a life tale, I must say. Bravo.

03-19-04, 09:37 PM

You are strong and you love your kids and yourself enough to want a better life. That is awesome as so many women never find the courage to do what you have done. I am proud of you.