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03-10-08, 04:24 AM
I have been seeing my current psyc for about 7 months now and I am seeing a definite change it his approach. As first he was really into my history, current feelings, episodes etc. He was the one who diagnosed me with ADHD and who also treated me for depression. Together we finally found an AD that seems to work without the awful side effects and I have finally been approved and started stimulant treatment for ADHD.

The last couple of visits have been really short and he only seems to be interested in the medication side of things. I've tried to mention a few things what I am feeling and things I have noticed about myself since the last visit but he brushes them off!

Is this normal? Am i expecting too much from a psyc? Should I now be seeing a psychologist or counselor for issues?

I feel good that my medication is under control and I am feeling the benefits from them...HOWEVER! I am so sure that medication will not be the answer! I still have so many issues inside of me that need either clarification or rectification!!! I will bring this up during the next psyc visit however I need to know if I am expecting too much from him or I am looking in the wrong place!

I'm a little confused because at the start he seemed to really want to get inside of my head but now he is just interested in my dosage and any side effects!


03-10-08, 09:32 AM
Don't know if things are different there than in the US - but here it is the same as you describe. Meetings with the psychiatrist are generally short and their goal is to prescribe medication or treatment - not to do therapy. So in the beginning, they may ask a lot of questions to determine the best medication and try different things if the medication is not helping. Once you're doing better, appointments are generally just to ask how the medication is working for you.

I completely agree that there is a lot more to actual recovery if you suffer from additional issues such as depression or anxiety, and for that I see a separate therapist. I can only speak for myself that medication does not "cure" these problems. For me, the hope for real change lies in therapy because I need to change my thought patterns. I'd ask your doctor about this next time you see them and perhaps they could suggest someone to you.

03-10-08, 08:40 PM
Ask him what you just asked us!

1. Ask him to clarify what his "role" is in your care. Is it just to Rx and monitor meds?

2. Ask him who/what you should be seeing/doing WRT other life issues.

Often a Social Worker or OT can be better help than a Psychiatrist/MD for day-to-day issues related to ADD and other life issues, as they address real life problems and demands and alterations to make your life (job/work/school/social/emotional) more functional.

Sadly, Psychiatry's focus is pretty NARROW: and is really just focused on the 'illness' side of things (e.g. meds and diagnosis and assessment and monitoring).

Psychiatrists are more able to help REALLY sick people (e.g. those who become psychotic and are talking to aliens)... but people get shuttled to this sort of practitioner b/c often their Insurance does not cover the other [and probably more appropriate] 'specialties'.

Insurance only seems to want to cover "MD"s.

I know that this is the way it is in Canada, anyway. What a sad waste of mental health dollars it is.

03-10-08, 09:58 PM
many thanks busyhermit + QueensU_girl :)

It's a shame that it goes this way - as he really helped me understand a lot of things about myself at the start, however I feel as though I have only touched the surface of what I need to know!

It's quite disappointing actually when you think about the high expense associated with visiting the psyc! And considering that they are the only ones allowed to prescribe stim meds in Australia...I suppose I am stuck with having to pay all that $$$ for only medication monitoring in the future!!!

The budget is so stretched at the moment I know we can't afford for me to see "another" specialist - quite depressing really! My wife and I are also seeing a relationship counselor which is also expensive but its something that we need to do. I know I cause a lot of the issues between us and if I can't get these sorted out I know it will help immensely!

Mental health treatment is so expensive compared to general health treatment....doesn't seem right!

03-12-08, 05:25 PM
Aren't psychiatrists (MDs) "free"? e.g. covered by Aussie Healthcare? (I thought that Oz was 'universal medicare' like Canada and the UK?)

If you have to see people who are not covered under any sort of medicare/insurance scheme -- and it is a challenge for you -- some professionals charge "sliding scale fees". That is, they will adjust and give lower rates to those who need them.

Ask and you shall know. ;)