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03-11-08, 07:40 AM
Interesting discussion we have had. I will start a new thread as we have wandered off the origianal GUI v. Command line question.

I find I learn best by doing something, but provided it is not too complex. Sometimes I am trying to do X but don't know how. I find I need to work out a sub-problem and understand that, probably in isolation from the main problem.

I also learn reasonable well from books (I will try to write more later). I also find I need someone to ask questions. But I often find techy mailing lists unfriendly (RTFM. you have asked how do X - you dont want to do X).

Which leads me to a question. I am reasonably knowlegeable about basic Perl language but get stuck with a lot of module related stuff. But I don't find I know where to ask for help. Anyone suggest a helpful mailing list for discussing Perl questions. I am not very keen on forums, prefer mailing lists/ newsgroups.

08-12-08, 12:30 AM

I'm not a big perl fan but will use it if its a project requirement :s. I've never stumbled across a perl-only forum before, but I've never looked. They're out there, you just gotta google for them :)!

09-17-08, 08:41 PM
Erm, you do know about the comp.lang.perl newsgroup don't you?

You also might want to check out London Perlmongers

09-18-08, 03:20 AM
Thanks. I had given up on usenet newsgroups because they are too spam infested. But will give it another try. I used to use newsgroups 5-10 years ago.