View Full Version : Need help PLEASE with med cocktail!

03-15-08, 12:12 PM
Ok. Ive been on clonazepam (generic klonopin) for about a month now. 1 mg @ 8 am, 1 mg @ 8 pm. Taking for social anxiety. Working great. But, ADHD symptoms still here. So, I went to doc and got a free month of daytrana, and a free month of vyvanese. Obviously, Im not gonna fill both at once, so I gave the daytrana a shot for the 1st month.

Day 1 on daytrana: applied 20 mg patch at 10 am. Felt NOTHING after 4 hours. Drank 2 cups of coffee. Now I felt something similar to an adderall buzz that lasted till I took it off.

Without the coffee, it seems to just make me tired. Maybe a LITTLE bit more focused, but mainly more tired. I don't know if I should be literally "feeling" the daytrana kick in, but thats what I was expecting. Or maybe I just need to bump up to 30 mg. Next month I will be trying the vyvanese.

Now that you know my story somewhat, ANY and ALL input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.