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03-17-08, 12:21 AM
Anyone have responses keyed to very specific stimuli? Im mostly sensitive to smells and tastes but the strongest responses I get are to sounds. The sound of water pouring into a cup makes my skin crawl. The feeling I get is probably closest to outright anger at it. Its very odd. Im prepared for it so I haven't yelled at anyone for it.

me "Would you stop that &#$& pouring?! Its making me crazy!"
my daughter (with a look that indicates "yes. you are clearly crazy") uhh. ok.

Oh - and I can't even get in a room with latex balloons. * I * will * leave * the * party *. I know its the worst thing to do with a phobia. Unless Im heavily medicated its just beyond me. The smells makes me nuts and the bursting or even the possibility makes me climb the walls.

( I just stumbled into this forum today - forgive my naivete - in fact I was gardening and Im betting that I left everything outside.. sheesh )

03-17-08, 12:30 AM
Welcome & see

03-17-08, 12:31 AM

Welcome. I think you'll find you are in good company.

03-18-08, 04:23 AM
My son taps frequently (he is also adhd) and I can't think straight. sometimes he makes constant noise - talking, humming and I just feel so agitated at times...

meanwhile, daughter when she is upset has a high-pitched shrill whine that gets inside my body and all I can think is "stop"

Yes I need treatment. can you tell?

The sensory component to this is fascinating to me. I have just started to study it.

03-18-08, 08:36 AM
Thanks for the welcome..

I have a daughter who is probably ADD too - she won't eat anything with 'flavor'. If she suspects that the food has seasoning of any sort she won't touch it. I guess its overpowering.

She probably has a sense of smell like our dog.

(Oh - and sorry about the mis-post. I didn't search far enough back to find the reference above.)

03-18-08, 10:03 AM
No mis-post on your part, ethr. I was just trying to turn you on to, turn up the volume 4ya' on the comments in that thread! :cool:

03-21-08, 10:53 AM
Sensory oversensitivities and undersensitivities are not uncommon with ADHD. I have far too many noise-related ones to be listed here. I have visual ones as well. It certainly contribute to attentional difficulties. I was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder when undergoing neuropsych testing for ADHD. I had no idea, because I've learned to compensate for it with regards to academics.

This link about Sensory Integration Dysfunction might be of interest.

Auditory Processing Disorder

03-21-08, 11:41 AM
Ethr-That's really interesting about the latax baloons, I've never really thought about it but with the sounds, and chaos of them I wonder why more folks aren't bothered (or if many secretly are).
I'm pretty good with smells and tastes, actually a little undersensitive, once when I was a kid my dog got sprayed by a skunk and I didn't even notice (no joke). When my parents wantted the poor mutt to sleep outside I took her into the gradage and slept with her, the smell didn't bother me a bit. HOWEVER I am terrible with sounds, enspecially Television and whispers, as soon as I hear either of these my entire focus goes to them an it is incredibly difficult to shift away. Of course, I don't ask the person to stop whispering or even turn down the TV (unless I reallly have to finish something and it's blasting) but silently I'm counting the minutes until they silence themselves.

Does anyone else here struggle with television?


03-21-08, 03:51 PM
I tend to need the television to be louder, I think so I can block out other noises?

03-21-08, 04:42 PM
theres a laugh track used by some shows that has a partiular repetitive high-pitched laugh, I cringe everytime I hear it. I don't watch much tv.any high pitched screechiness in a voice...kid's voices hurt my ears especially. and anyone banging tapping or like that, distracts me so much!

03-21-08, 08:21 PM
My dog "bathing" his parts sends me into a rage. I absolutely CANNOT stand the sound of my dogs mouth. After he drinks or eats he licks his muzzle for a good 10 minutes. I have to get him away from me or I fear I'll rip my own face off.

Even if he's innocently cleaning his paw or something, the sound just infuriates me. My family thinks I'm nuts. But then again, my mother goes mad over the sound of someone clipping their nails. lol

03-21-08, 11:52 PM
Delores, can I ever empathize with your comments. That dog lickin' is a pain in the ... especially if that's what she's slurpin' and pickin' at. It would be better for all if she didn't sleep on our bed! :p

Then, after the TV's finally lulled you to sleep, there's the obligatory middle-of-the-night alarm when the obligatory Infommercial starts assaulting you with a high pitch, high-decibel, rapid machine-gun fired volley of pseudo-info"knowledge" about Chi Chi Chi Chi Chiaaa Pets ... the Kryptonite knives in Ronco's cousin's hand ... ShamWowz ... or whatever the latest useless gadget is. Gotta GOOOOO!

P.S. I'll be right back after I call on that Eazy-Pay deal that's gone in thirty seconds ... :rolleyes: