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03-17-08, 11:06 AM
I know that my insurance does not cover this. My doctor wanted me to try this in the first-line but I opted out (since it sounded strange to me). He put me on focalin XR and I cannot deal with the side effects (and my insurance doesn't cover it).

I don't want a exact price a rough estimate would be nice so I'm not shocked when I get to the pharmacy (focalin was $135).

Thank you for your time :)

04-04-08, 03:38 AM
Well I picked up 30, 30mg Patches. It was $185. So that's better then my concerta 27mg which was $264.

04-04-08, 05:04 AM
Is that how much meds cost in the US?! In Australia, all strengths of Concerta are $31.30.

04-04-08, 07:12 AM
Driver, this is because quite a few medications in Oz are subsidized by the Government.

Check out the PBS site on Concerta:

04-04-08, 07:18 AM
I'm's late..I cannot help myself..I can't hold back...I'm gunna have to do it...


Driver, this is because quite a few medications in Oz are subsidized by the Government.

Check out the PBS site on Concerta:

04-07-08, 04:02 PM
Last year I sampled 15mg Daytrana patch and I still have have a bunch left. This stuff did not work and I had weird side effects that it freaked me out... like my heart twitching and doing weird stuff... I was accustomed to palpations with Adderall, but this freaked me out. 15mg was not enough and it seemed like it took 3 hours before it kicked in. I did try two patches and that is when my system freaked out.

Plus, it was like having a wax hair removal session (or so it seemed, I've never had a REAL one) and they where a royal pain to get off the packaging (I think they recalled them from what I read at some point because of this).

04-07-08, 04:37 PM
The manufacturer of Daytrana has a 30 day free trial offer, but the offer might just be only available in the USA. I'm not sure.

I very likely wouldn't have ever tried Daytrana if it were not for the free trial offer due to how expensive it is compared to other available options.

My experience with Daytrana was not that great. It was not that bad either (since I did not have to pay for it). I just found it to be lacking in effectiveness compared to all the other methylphenidate based drugs I have used over the years.

I do love the idea of a transdermal patch, although I found the Daytrana patch to be something that is not very well made.

Anyhoot, here's a link to the manufacturer's website where you can learn more about the 30 day free trial offer:

04-07-08, 11:29 PM
My insurance covers my sons patch so I only pay a 40.00 co-pay. See if your doctor has a 30 day free trial for the patch. My sons doctor gave us one when he first tried out Daytrana.