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03-19-08, 07:49 AM

In a moment of anxiety, I thought I would come here and share my current challenge.

I was diagnosed by a Psychologist 7 years ago. Referred to a psychiatrist, began Ritalin. Had some challenges but was grateful to feel "normal."

After one round, insurance changed and my psychologist dropped me. I stopped the Ritalin and lost the name of the psychiatrist.

I've managed for years, but barely. It's been a struggle and I've had a few job changes.

For the past year, it has been clear that I need help. Can't remember to bring my keys and wallet to the car, what day garbage day is, to do something I said I would do. Serious task procrastination, commiting to things I space out on. I get lost reading books and skip around, etc. So lots of symptoms.

I've had real trouble navigating the insurance system. My insurance BCBS (CareFirst) referred me to a doctor with no ADD experience.

How did you manage this? What steps did you take to get to the right people and afford therapy? Any advice or inspiring stories would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

03-19-08, 03:42 PM
Howdy Neighbor!

It is hard to find a doctor that is willing to treat ADD let alone do it well. I started with my family doctor but after asking to switch around meds to see what worked best he kinda said he didn't know what he was doing.

I've been seeing a Neurologist that has been great. She is very knowledgable welcomes feedback on meds and asks me what I want to do and so on. Her practice is in the area (Alexandria, VA) if you are interested.


03-19-08, 05:56 PM
I kept being told my my school's Disability Office that my problem was "anxiety" and "test anxiety", etc.

I knew that was not true b/c I have always loved and enjoyed school and don't have panics during tests.

After being told that it was "emotionally based" for so many years, and knowing this was not true... My answer was to get PsychoEducational Testing.

Testing shows deficits in memory, organization and auditory processing -- ALL areas where ADDers typically score poorly !!

I'd say getting diagnosed and learning your WEAK areas and STRONG areas is vital... as our brain functioning affects our life functioning.

ADDers need to learn where they are strong, so we can take advantage of those areas.

In life and school and work, 'it is the strengths that matter'. (~Dr Mel Levine)