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03-22-08, 09:26 AM
Has anyone had experience with this doctor, either personally or possibly through someone that has seen him? I have an appt with him April 3rd, and I guess I'm just looking for assurance that he is a good doctor. Thanks!

04-02-08, 04:11 PM
I wouldn't go to him if I were you.

I just got back from my first appointment (today is April 2, 2008). I've seen a lot of psychiatrists, and this man was the worst.

His receptionist was very gruff over the phone. I gave her the information on my insurance card, but she said that she needed more information. She made me actually call my insurance company (Aetna) to find out where she should mail claims. I said to her, "he's on the Aetna providers list, have you not had to get this information before?" She said, "We get patients from Aetna all of the time, but I don't do the insurance filing. I just need to know if I need to file with the Kentucky address or the El Paso address."

So I called Aetna, and they immediately said, "We don't normally have the patients contacting us for this sort of thing." So Aetna put me on hold and tried to call her. They said, "we got an answering machine, and there was only an option to press 1 if you're a patient, but no option to press a number if you're an insurance company." So I had to take down all of the filing information and call the receptionist back to give it to her.

Today, I walked up to the door of his office, and saw 3 scrappy signs taped on the door. One said "No cell phones allowed beyond this point." Another said, "No food or drink beyond this point". There was a 3rd small hand-written note with long detailed instructions on what to do if the door was locked. I thought that was weird.

I entered the office and noticed that it was VERY ratty. The waiting room consisted of a few beat up rattan chairs. The carpet was torn up and filthy... as if there were animals living in there. The receptionist's office was in disarray.

The receptionist was scurrying around as I was standing at the window. She got a phonecall and put her head in her hand as if she was annoyed with the phonecall. Then she handed me 2 forms to fill out... both looked as if they had been re-xeroxed about 20 times, and they were very difficult to read. I sat down to fill them out and before I could finish, Dr. Knipstein called me in. I asked him whether or not I should finish the forms, and he hurried me and said, "you can do that later".

His office furniture was old and the cushions on the chairs looked like they had been left out in the rain, and he salvaged them to use in his office.

He drilled me with questions that seemed to come right out of a textbook, and interrupted me as I was answering him. At some point, I had to say, "I was getting to that." Some of my answers had to do with watching my fiance' drown in a rafting accident, as well as working in Iraq for 16 months. He didn't seem really interested in my answers.

A few of his questions were very general like "What is your mother like?" I asked him to be more specific, and I sensed that he got a bit put off by that, and would respond like "just tell me what she was like."

He also re-asked me a lot of questions, especially about my medication that I had already answered... as if he hadn't listened to my answers at all.

At the end of the 15 minutes of extremely hurried drilling of questions, he was only interested in prescribing drugs. I told him I wanted to talk to a therapist first. He asked me which one, and I told him her name. He said, "I haven't heard that name in a long time." Then I told her that I was on her waiting list, and he said, "Well she must be doing pretty good if she's got a waiting list."

Then as I was leaving (and trying to pay my $200), the receptionist started finding things on my paperwork that I hadn't been able to finish filling out. She put the clipboard in front of me and pointed her pen at the religious preference question, and she said, "Read that!" Then she made me sign an agreement saying that I'd be responsible for paying if I didn't show up at the next appointment. It was a bit hard to understand, so I asked a few questions to clarify, and she went into this long tirade of stories about people who just can't make their appointments, but some had good reasons and some didn't. She even told me that someone just the other day didn't show up because the weather was bad and they were scared.

It was like the psychiatrist office from a bad movie.

I would cancel your appointment with him ASAP and go elsewhere.

04-02-08, 08:57 PM
Welcome to the forums, Funnybroad! :) Not often one can get such detailed feedback ahead of time -- thanks for sharing your impression!

04-11-08, 02:05 AM
Hey I am impressed . . . . .

This isn't the worse rating I have read here either - some docs out there sound really scary - and people wonder why I refuse to give up my doctor - I am picky as to whom I take my brain toooo - I am sooo thankful for the doctor I do have - which is in Midland Texas - I live 60 miles from the Austin area . . . so I commute to say the least!