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03-26-08, 11:36 AM
This is my new theory which I'm starting. Don't know how well it will work but I'm constantly starting new organization ways (books, FlyLady, etc) and then not keeping up with it after only two days. Lack of willpower or just haven't found one that works for me? Don't know. But here's MY new one.

My brain is like a kitchen. I have recipes laying all over the place. I have stuff on the stove and the pots and pans are sitting there burning up. Like my online schooling I started. I tried but I just didn't have the time. So for a few days the pot (schooling) was just sitting on the fire. I haven't put any ingredients (homework) in it lately and it was just sitting there. So I turned off the burner (officially withdrew) and now I need to clean the pot and put it away. (My algebra book is still just sitting here. Need to put it away). So the stuff I promised people I'd do or stuff with deadlines is stuff on the burner. Other stuff is just laying around half mixed. Like some cool Beatles jackets I was making and am going to put on E-Bay. I still need to finish one of them (Paul?). I started that project a few years ago. Almost done if I'd just finish it! Start things and never finish them. Recipe cards is I suppose just ideas. So I need to take stock of what's on the stove right now (so far on my list I have 7 burners going. Some are easy stuff) and what's just sitting around (a bunch of stuff so far!). Do the stuff on the stove, make recipe cards for the stuff sitting around and put that stuff away. THEN I can start projects and if I don't finish them, put them away and keep the recipe card so I remember it. And don't get too many burners going at one time.

So that's my theory. Wanna make bets about how long this will last? LOL. Who votes for 2 days? (lack of self confidence because I know myself too well)

08-06-08, 04:01 PM
I feel the same way. Hope it works.