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Why ask Why?
03-27-08, 06:38 AM
i notice that my adhd makes me unhealthy. i was warned by the doc that the meds would make my appetite decrease,

but that isnt my problem. i love to eat and when i do i am fine. but i find that now that i can focus and stay on task that the day goes by and i realize i havent eaten much.

i started taking vitamins just so u can cover some bases.. but i need FOOD.

i work on my feet so i cant very well squirrel away bon bons in my pocket so i was wondering if there is a good drink for nutrition.

i thought slim fast healthy weight for a meal on my feet but then i saw ensure... v-8? i dont know? anyone?

03-27-08, 07:29 AM
Might I suggest you take a different approach to solving your problem: try setting timers/reminders/alarms to remind you to eat. Or try getting into an eating routine so you remember easier.

03-27-08, 07:53 AM

Good for you on the vitamins and for thinking about this issue. In addition to Driver's suggestion, here are some of the factors to consider (I note you mentioned the word "slim"):
The meal(s) you're trying to replace or supplement with your Ready To Drink ("RTD") product
How often you're trying to replace or supplement (lunch 2x/week, breakfast 5x/week, etc.)
What else you're eating or drinking during the day/night
Your body type, mass, exercise regimen, and diet or fitness goals
Your general health, medical conditions, medications, gender and age
Whether you want to prepare it (e.g., RTD soup, Juicer RTD fruit/veg.) or buy it off the shelf
Whether you want certified organic, organic, natural or other products
Whether you want to avoid certain things (milk, nuts etc.)
Your activities or job that day/nightYou may want to consult a dietician, nutritionist and/or your regular MD especially if you intend for this to become your routine.

Here is some material for you to consider: ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (