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03-28-08, 09:43 AM
been on it for 3 days. 20 mg. makes me jittery, I jump of the walls, light headache and very depressed. Is this normal, or too early to decide if I should be off it. I am a male 43

03-28-08, 11:07 AM
Hi reef, and welcome to the forums.

I am 38, and I started taking prescription stimulants in 1992. Since then I have tried each of them except the newest one called Vyvanse.

Based on my experience with methylphenidate (the active ingredient in Daytrana) based drugs, your initial experience sounds very familiar to me. It's not uncommon to have an initial reaction to these medications which fits what you describe.

It takes a little while to develop some tolerance to the stimulating effects for most people more often than not. Typically those effects include loss of appetite, insomnia, nervousness, euphoria, etc. That is not to say that everyone experiences those things, because some people actually find these medications to be quite sedating, and experience what is called a "paradoxical reaction."

I would suggest that you consider talking to your Dr, or pharmacist if you feel like what you are experiencing an effect that was not something that your Dr described as something you might expect from the medication. Based on how we each can & do respond to these medications differently sometimes, it's really not possible for a Dr to predict exactly how a given patient will respond to any medication until the patient actually tries it.

For me it took some time to find the right drug and the right dose, and even though it was a tedious and time consuming affair, it was well worth the effort. I consider it to be one of the best things I ever did for myself.

I have found that each of the prescription stimulants work in their own unique ways for me. Some more unique than others. In fact, I have found that different preperations of the same medication even work differently for me more often than not. A good example would be how I am currently responding to Daytrana at the time of this writing.

I started taking Daytrana on Tuesday of this week (about the same time as you), and for me it has been a little disapointing based on my past experience with other methylphenidate based medications. I have found the effect to be extremely subtle, and almost unoticable. I have never taken a methylphenidate based drug that was as undetectable in its effects as Daytana. I am grateful that I did not actually pay for the 30 day trial that I am currently on, because I would've been very disapointed if I had.

I see my Dr next Tuesday, and I will likely tell him that even though I appreciate his willingness to let me try out the Daytrana, I would prefer to go back on the Dexedrine which I feel is more effective for me.

Hang in there reef, and please keep us all posted on how everything unfolds on that end.

PS Sorry for such a long post, but I tend to be a little long winded sometimes, especially as it pertains to these drugs. :o

03-28-08, 12:53 PM
thanks lars, just went to my neuro, took me off daytrana and put me of effexor xr, says I need to get my anxiety under control and then he will put me on stimulant.