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03-31-08, 08:44 PM
Hi all :O)
Just a quick question. Can anyone tell me what credentials a Dr. must have to councel and prescribe medication for ADHD? My son is seeing a Physiatrist for his medication, but he has now advised me that he should see someone for counceling. I would like him to see one doctor for both. This forum is my most valuable and trusted sorce of information, so thank you in advance for any help.

04-04-08, 02:20 PM
Hi. I understand what you're saying completely: A psychiatrist should have training in counselling. Unfortunately, in this day and age (in the US at least) it seems as though psychiatrists are becoming more pill prescribers, and if you want anything more than a 20 minute consultation about how the medication is working, you have to go to a social worker or psychologist :( .

Hopefully someone else has had better luck with this?

04-04-08, 03:22 PM
At least you know your son's pdoc is not holding back on medication options to stretch out the counseling or vice versa!!

04-04-08, 06:06 PM
More often than not people need to see one person for medication and another for counseling. In some states psychologists with special training also prescribe medication. Then there are also people who have multiple credentials like a nurse practitioner and Licenced mental health counselor. Technically most psychiatrists have the training to do counseling it's just that they choose not to.

To find one person to do both is more of the exception than the norm these days...

09-30-08, 10:39 AM

It is two separate things..... MDs can only prescribe... I personally have been to at least 4 psychiatrists in my life... from my personal experience, I have never found one that is good as a therapist.... i go to a psychiatrist now who is an acquaintance and neighbor for my meds....initially it was every month , now every three - four months. i keep my conversation to the meds.... personal, emotional and therapy- are w/my therapist.... therapist and MD are two different personality types in my experience. I know this may be a convenience issue - 2 dr appointments, different times, getting ur child there with everything else going on in his life but.....

It may also take trial and error to find the right therapist.... i have been to three before this one.... two of them i went to because i thot i might be add...after daughter diagnosed.... they disagreed or should i say dismissed me (female add?).... I was with my current therapist for other reasons - trying to straighten out my life and issues.(probably because of ADD based decisions)... she said - you seem like you are adhd or you are something.....

Most people i know rarely find the right therapist on the first try.... good luck 2 u

09-30-08, 11:03 AM
For the most part MD, DO and nurse practitioners types can prescribe this type of medication. All can do therapy as their license covers this whether trained or not. The issue is that insurance pays much more for an hour of med checks than for therapy. Most Psychiatrists now do mainly script writing and farm out therapy.A Psychiatrist will do therapy mostly out of the love of doing it. It is not for the pay.

Good question


10-09-08, 11:45 AM
re: #6

I agree with you DIZFRIZ.

My SO is a psychiatrist who does psychotherapy too (extra training). Not all are good for therapeutic aid/counselling, etc.

Psychiatry is the field that rules out medical causes for mental illness. (e.g. he is making sure your ADD isn't caused by low thyroid, etc.)

If you want counselling and skills, try an MSW, ADD Coach or possibly a Psychologist who understands ADD.