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03-31-08, 09:57 PM
I have always had issues with certain types of soaps that leave a oil residue on my hands, certain shampoos, etc. I hate lotion on my hands, even to apply to dry patch or skin, on me or my wife or kids. I drives me nuts.

My wife always say's I'm weird. I hate eating any foods that are messy that involve hands, like ribs, or fried chicken that doesn't have a crunchy/dry exterior. I don't like getting my hands dirty, because it means I'd have to wash them and get them wet.

I don't suppose this is related to ADHD at all?

My 3 year old daughter who is the female "mini-me" version myself, got all my genetics (poor girl) she has been washing her hands and seems to want to do it... but then like tonight she gets out of her bath and she is all soaked, head to toe... and she is like... "Daddy, Daddy... my hands are wet, dry them off." She wanted her hands dried first.

I see so much of myself in her... I know she has ADHD... although my wife thinks otherwise... but I can just see it as clear as day, but it's subtle on the exterior which is why I think I never had a clue I had it until I was 28-29 and only be someone else asking me if I had it.

03-31-08, 10:42 PM
Do you like the touch of wool?

Sensory issues (sight, sound, smell, touch, etc) are not limited to those with ADD, but I'd reckon they're common.

04-01-08, 02:12 AM
I have issues with things like that too. I hate having stuff on my hands, or them being sticky etc, i hate eating messy foods, like icecreams that melt and chicken and stuff. I also can't eat unless the lights are on (sometimes my family watches a movie while eating and they like the lights off). I have trouble eating new foods, i am always hesitant to get in the shower, because i have to get all wet. I will also wash my hands heaps of times when preparing food because i hate having stuff all over them.

I have ADHD combined type and anxiety disorder, Perhaps you have anxiety disorder too? I am finding that things are getting easier, particularly the new foods thing and the shower thing, now that i am taking stuff for it.

04-01-08, 05:22 AM
Wool doesn't seem to do anything for me, positive or negative.

I have no issues getting in the shower or trying new foods. While I prefer my foods not be messy and will generally avoid ordering such foods, if I go to someone's house and they are having a messy food, I don't really worry about it, I just think... "bring on the napkins".

My 3 year old will break during a meal to go wash her hands in the sink, if they get sticky or odd feeling for her. I'd probably just use a napkin until I was finished and then if I needed to wash them afterwords, I would. But, I'm not 3 and don't have "messy hand syndrome" like little kids.

I only have two issues that bring OUTRIGHT anxiety out of me... 1) is thinking about going to the dentist or going to the dentist. But once I arrive and in the chair it's not so bad. I've always hated the dentist from very young. 2) is public speaking. I always hated getting up in front of class and doing a report or whatever, and/or meetings... although I tend to handle meetings fine when it's my area of expertise.

I once joined toastmasters in a effort to try and "get over" my speaking in front of others. I went many weeks and joined up and thought it would be a great thing for me. On my first time to get up and speak, I was totally syc'd about it and mentally, I had no reservations about it. BUT THEN... I get up and as I am talking... my legs started spasming uncontrollably, and as I am talking, I'm thinking... THIS SUCKS... why are my legs doing what they are doing? So, in a effort to get done I went through my prepared speech in about 2 minutes and it was to last 5 minutes.

Needless to say, I never went back.

I don't really like large groups of people... although it depends on the nature of it. Like, for example, I don't mind being in a hurd of a million people going to see a concert or a game. While generally I'd prefer not to do that stuff, it doesn't bother me. My wife has anxiety issues with a lot of people, so she hates our local grocery store because their are a lot of people and probably which makes it worse, lots of mexicans and people who don't generally speak english. She seems "fine" (although its debatable) on going to a distant grocery store that she likes... that is less crowded.

We also recently went to eat somewhere that was a buffet and it had what seemed to be a million people in it going in every direction. Strangely enough, it was all black people and the amount of activity and movement in the place was like seeing bee's in a bee hive. My wife freaked out and even admitted she was have an anxiety attack. While I thought, man this is crazy, I've never seen anything like this, my systems didn't shut down.

I only bring up the race issue because I just made a connection between those events and her issues, which may or may not have had a factor, but might be something to watch out for. Interestingly, if I make an racial jest or joke, she always calls me on it and bad mouths me for saying anything like it... yet perhaps she is the one with the issues? I have nothing against any race (I'm white), but their are stereo typical things associated with different peoples that I find funny. I'd laugh at comments from other races against white people. :p

Anyhow... I don't feel that my anxiety level is any different from "normal".

04-01-08, 11:07 AM
Just a thought, but the race thing could be feeling like she stands out because she's the only white person there. I feel the same way, and I don't like to call attention to myself.

I'm totally the same way about public speaking. I can be somewhat comfortable, but I really don't enjoy it. Again, everyone's attention on me. I'd rather be behind the scenes than front and centre.

04-24-08, 03:12 AM
Hmmm, interesting. I've recently asked my therapist about this whole hypersensitivity thing and she said it was common among people with ADHD/ADD. I've got weird issues myself. For example, the wool. I can't stand anything stiff and scratchy against my skin. Knitted yarn sweaters are a no no as well. Tight things like spandex are a nightmare. Lotions are wrong also. If they don't absorb right into the skin, I can't stand them. The summer is horrible when I need to wear sunscreen. When it is applied, no one can touch me and my hair and clothing absolutely can not touch it. I will literally stand there until it dries, no matter how long it might take.
Anxiety is also common. I've got that too. Don't like crowded stores but am ok in a crowd at a concert.... Parties can also be nerve racking. My anxiety mainly comes when it feels like it and its not like a panic attack. Its simply a tightness in my chest, like when you want to take a deep breath, but nothing happens. One therapist described it like a leaky faucet, the water just builds up and starts to overflow, like the slow dripping. (She explained it better.)
Its weird how the simplest things can be so annoying to some and yet never bother other people. It must be nice to be them....