View Full Version : Asus MyPal A639N or another PDA?

04-02-08, 09:35 PM

Has anyone owned/used this PDA? I'm currently looking for one in order to be more organised and remember things I need to do. This one has a GPS which is something I'm also looking for in a PDA since I'm gonna get a driver's license (if I ever get off my bum and go to driver's school..the thought of failing isn't encouraging) and I know nothing about most areas.
I have no interest in it being a phone or have a camera since I already own a mobile phone which is fine.

Any other suggestions are welcome! Also anyone know if it's possible to manually add maps/program for the GPS ability? It seems that PDAs cost so much more when they come with the program. Eg asus mypal a639n costs 366.52€ but with MLS destinator it costs 493.85€ and I really don't want to give that kind of money since I'm unemployed at the moment. I'm good with PCs...I'll stop rambling!:o