View Full Version : Newbie: Methylin ER build up?

04-05-08, 04:07 AM
I'm very new to add/adhd. I'm currently diagnosed bipolar and have been treated for the past three years (150mg Lamictal). My doctor thinks that my bipolar is comorbid with adhd. I've had a variety of attention problems for years, but when I was diagnosed with bipolar, we thought that was the root of the problem. Except now my moods are very stable with my meds, but the attention problems are still all present and accounted for.

She put me on Methylin ER, 10mg twice a day. I just started today and didn't feel zip. Does this medication take some time to build up in your system? I know with the Lamictal, I didn't see results until weeks after I started. But then again, that could be comparing apples and oranges.

04-24-08, 09:35 AM

No, there is no build up period for stimulants. Sounds like you need to go up to the next higher dose. All part of the titration period.