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04-06-08, 12:34 AM
I wrote a book.

....I documented my addiction, in drawings poetry and writing about it in great detail

I've been trying figure out how to publish for a year. know ADHD.

I know a guy, who delivers the newspaper to shell
............... who published a book on how to be a good father

he hooked me up!

Professional Writers Group

For writers who are serious
about being published

Critiquing your writing
Feedback on book title/cover design
Getting published - what's involved
Ideas for successful book promotion
Sharing information and good news!
No membership is required.

No dues
No officers
No minutes
You are welcome to visit us to learn more


I did'nt go, I told her I don't need marketing..
....I need a binder to hold some page in to sell

I got the target audience.

Originally, the lady that teaches marketing and publishishing at this place...carol...

....I was on the phone with her. ...she's published 30 books.

I sent her some stories and at a glance, she said "disciples is spelled wrong" got editing to do.

I said I'd take care of it..
...and come next month to a meeting.

......last night, after she read it, she wrote:

From: Carol
To: suzie
Subject: Disciple of Meth
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008

Dear Suzie,
This writing obviously comes from your very soul. I'm glad you don't worry about typos and spelling because this is the type of writing were something takes over and you have to type until the voice within tells you that it's okay to stop.

I talked to Mike last night on our way to Professional Writers. He may be able to help you. He can definitely talk to you about publishing options, including booklets that people can order online and are very profitable. I'm forwarding your writing to Mike so he can see your style of writing and also your talent and message. I fully agree that this needs to get out there and Mike will talk about the different ways to promote your writing.

Good luck and keep in touch. People need to hear and read what you have to say.

Warm hug,


...the woman has published 30 books.
and mine needs no editing??


just in the slim possibility you've never read it.
.......ths first story I sent


this is your job description as "disiple of meth"
you will be a missonary touring poverty, death,bending decaying minds, rotting, insanity, violence, perversions beyond your power to understand, that will steal your soul away and leave you as hollow inside as a meth mobile, just a brainless bottom feeder going around yearing, needing, desiring METH baybee!
running on meth, and stopping, spuddering and choking, dying...with out it.

You will spend all your time wanting, and hoping to get METH.
....You won't get a home,it's cool, it's not important,
neither are relationships, dreams, education, career, relaxing, dopamine, nothing else will be within your reach.
......besides meth!....and getting some more!

as long as you got meth, that's all you gotta worry about.
What your personal limitations are will decide how willing you are to get METH!

You will get plenty of it, so HAVE FUN!

....go fast!

Do one for me!

......crunch into a shard for me!.. yummy! you shake, freeze up, get a whiskey face, and shiver all over to the tips of your nipples, and clench your teeth and jaw.

I LOVE/ED speed so much.
............It was the LOVE of my LIFE!

........I LOVED the taste of it!

I've eaten it off floors!
....bathroom floors!

I usta eat it, snort it and smoke it!

........a couple of times... when my connection changed batches, sometimes it was stronger than I thought,
I ate too much, and had to puke,
...... VOMITED in a cup, saved it, and drank it later!

you can't say I'm not loyal to my drug.
...I loved it, and i did anything for it,
I did'nt have sex for it, and I considered it very carefully, over quitting. ....but I chose my soul.
....belive me I sold EVERYTHING else...or LOST it!
I hocked, pawned, sold, stole, lied, borrowed, begged, bartered, got fronts ....

to honor it.

I gave it my all.
.............and it never did anything for me, but make me retarded.

....I can't even use the experiance to keep you from being another victim of a dirty trick.

........just so you know.

you can't beat the clock.

I'm not telling you to quit! the best drug addict you can be! see rock bottom!

I'm just saying with out trying to sway you in either direction.

you can have ANYTHING YOU WANT.
...............................................jus t not EVERYTHING.

you must choose what you will spend you time on in this life.....and you only have so much availible time.


... imagine we are in a big supermarket (life).
and you have a certain amount of money to spend there (Time) have to pick something you really want,
because that's what you'll spend all your time on. could learn to be an interior decoratar, or photographer,or a speed freak.

speed freak is real.

you learn alot in your choosen field about survival, trust,
psychosis, whelps, fever blisters...


it's like a perk you get for being retarded, you get this
overwhelming feeling of well being that breaks when the speed runs out.

obviously when the spell is lifted and you are on a dung heap.. go back to the dealer and turn your dung heap to gold again.

you think it spins straw into gold.
....but then, it's only you, who could see the straw was gold when it's all over.
.....and it never was.

The sad thing is how much you LOVE it.'s your best friend, it cures loneliness, gives you strenghth and confidence, viverent energy, ideas, and beauty at first.

you love it, and it loves you and you will always have crystal to hold you when things get bad.

I remember thinking flat out, I'll go see my best friend.

and while you are loving it, it is robbing you. takes all your money, strength, natural ability to feel joy, you, what you stand for, and belive in to your core... throw it all away and put all your faith in whats good and true to YOU.
like following manson...

"charlie is jesus" .....yeah right.

...but its deep. even charles manson's momma still thinks he was framed.

....we defend, protect, cover, and are extremely loyal.

we jumps thru hoops like trick poodles and smile back at it says...
you gotta do more.

it's the most hardcore brainwashing, scam, lie, hoax, slap in the face betrayal there is.

we stay with it for YEARS.
....we build our life around it.

we love it, we're married to it.
it's like we are in this group that was screwed over by the same con artist.
...and the mothers whose chidren fell into a cult.
like jim jones.

it whispers the same promise in all of our ears and falls short.

it gives us an edge on the world.
....but soon the entire universe has the edge on you.

and speed laughs in your face and says...

you poor fool.

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