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04-08-08, 07:51 AM
One of the things I find really difficult (demotivating / procrastinating) is sorting out digital photos
Actually I think there are two separate problems

general difficultly in organising myself(for example I keep changing the way I file things ...)
distaste/frustration for so called easy to use software.

My feeling is that the way forward is to try and find software that is more suited to my ways of working.
Sorts of things I am looking for

more keyboard short cuts
easy tagging (eg pressing E might tag the photo as "needs Editing")

Part of the issue is that by definition photos are visual, that a GUI approach is more suitable than a command line one. But I find most GUI programs too fiddly - see previous discussion.

Anyone have suggestions of programs for cataloguing /tagging photos. Currently I use Canon ZoomBrowser EX5.5 on windows.

On the first point I need to work out a very general procedure
- weed out the really crap photos (and delete)
- compare photos that are similar and keep only the best
But I hate throwing away, both in real life and on computer.

04-08-08, 08:09 AM
I mainly use Picasa for my image management and quick enchancements, but I've never bothered to really tag or sort my photos (although I should...I take so many photos with my phone).