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04-08-08, 01:22 PM
I've had tics all my life. Suffer fron ADHD and bipolar II. The Psy doc says that it not Tourette's..

When I'm in public it seems that my tics almost disappear but if I'm alone at home, everything is on the move(neck,eyes,shoulders etc)
Any advice?


04-29-08, 12:51 PM
This can happen with Tourettes.

Some people have an anti-tic suppressor when in public, and then all the tics come out in private.

That's what happens with me too (although I do tic a bit in public, but they're not particularly visible to others).

Try getting a referral to a neurologist rather than talk to a psychiatrist or psychologist as Tourettes is a neurological disorder. If you can find a Tourettes specialist neurologist, then even better!

Hope this helps :)

04-29-08, 01:18 PM
Here in Canada neuros dont handle tourette's. PsyDoc only