View Full Version : I had to call the paramedics for my friend :(

04-11-08, 10:21 AM
Last night was quite the night. I'm in college, and we were all drinking. One of my buddies got really drunk and went off for two hours. Comes back with two guys carrying him back and i bring him upstairs to the bathroom. I ask him if he has to **** and he nods his head, so he trys peeing and ****es himself. So he starts to fall over so i can barely lift him down, and i ask if he has to throw up and he nods, but his face falls in the toilet bowl, and he passes out with his head like about to drown, so i lift him out onto the floor. Me and 2 other guys are looking at each other, like what do we do? We've all dealt with drunk people before and people passing out but not to this extent. So he's on his back he's like throwing up passed out so we flip him over right away, and he starts drooling everywhere and spitting up spit. We tried pouring cold cold water all over the back of his neck and face, but nothing, no movement at all. We had no idea what to do. I was thinking I may have to call the paramedics but didnt want to, but he was throwing up like blood and stuff on the ground. He wasn't responding to anything, except when we asked him questions, i told him to move his left hand for yes, and he would respond by moving his left hand. So, I knew it was really bad if he could hear us, but couldnt move.

Well anyways, I ended up calling 911, because I knew he was out of our control, and if we just left him there, i don't know what would have happened. I feel so bad for calling now :(. We live in the dorms, and he's on probation already, I knew that before calling. He's really mad at me for calling 911 :( and now I feel bad and kind of wish I didnt. He keeps telling me we should have just left him there or put him in his bed to pass out. SOrry for all the rambling. Was it wrong of me to call? did i do the right thing? ugh i feel sad now :(.

04-11-08, 10:26 AM
you did the RIGHT thing...
it could have been worse and he may not have lived..
You all tried your best to help before you called 911, so he should be thankful instead of angry

04-11-08, 11:00 AM
As someone who is trained in First Aid: you did the right thing. Had you left him to sleep it off, he would have almost certainly vomited, but not been able to expel it properly and most certainly drowned.

Also, people who have had way too much to drink can forget to breath from too much alcohol. So you would have had to stay up and check on him every half-hour.

He's only ****ed at you because he feels emasculated because he appears he could not handle his drink properly, that is, a sign of weakness.

Look on the bright side: he's not dead.

04-11-08, 11:00 AM
sure he's mad now, but at least he's ALIVE and able to be mad. Doesn't he realize (ok, obviously NO), he could have died. Nice of him to get mad at you for potentially saving his life. On the other hand, hard to get mad when you're dead.

He'll get over it. you did the right thing, regardless of his irresponsible behavior and past transgressions.

I always remember when my best friends dad died because he vomited and basically drowned in it. He was drunk. It happens, but probably not nearly as much as it could, because someone is smart enough to call 911 or take them to ER.

04-11-08, 11:40 AM
Main general safety tip: never put a passed out person on their back. (They can inhale their vomit)

Sounds like your buddy may have an alcohol problem, eh?

Do you guys have AA on campus or a 'campus observation' (detox) centre?

04-12-08, 01:25 AM
good for you, v! I think you're a great friend for calling 911. You did the right thing.

04-12-08, 01:45 AM
you're not a doctor, or his mother , right?paramedics get paid to take care of folks with alcohol poisoning. you don't. you did exactly the right thing.

04-12-08, 03:19 AM
Dont worry; I hope he'll realize sooner or later that you did the best you could do for him. If you had done what he told you he might be dead now.
If he doesn't realize what a great friend you are for calling 911 I don't know what can make him do it.

04-12-08, 05:55 AM
Hey everyone, thanks for messaging me back, you guys made me feel a lot better :). So apparently the hospital called his parents and told them what happened, and the doctors told his parents that he was 3 shots away from death. So his parents told him that and he was completely shocked and didnt realize that and came and apologized to me and thanked me. :) I'm just glad he's doing good today and that i did the right thing. I saved someones life, thats cool to say hah

04-12-08, 06:01 AM
You saved his life. Good for you. I'm glad he finally realises that.

At Heart
04-16-08, 11:31 AM
Hey there V639Dragoon,

I think you did the right thing also. I am very glad that he realizes what you did for him - and even if he never had - I think you should feel proud of yourself that you didn't chicken out and not do anything. Too many people are afraid to get involved, and people die tragic deaths because of it. Other things besides death could occur with alcohol poisoning (aspiration pneumonia - which can also kill - caused by inhaling the vomit or spit into his lungs, blindness, anoxic brain injury - which is essentially like being in a coma, with little hope of recovery). Believe me, having worked in the ER for a long enough time to see the tragic results of too much alcohol, makes me a much more aware person. Go with your instincts in any situation where you think someone could come to some harm because of their stupid actions (could be drug overdose, not just alcohol). They might not thank you right away, but at least they will be alive to be mad at you for a while.

It gives a great feeling to know that you made a difference - doesn't it?

04-16-08, 11:43 AM

I agree with At Heart... I've heard of too many people losing their lives. Please don't ever feel it's wrong to call for help. I'm glad your friend got the eye opener from his folks and apologized. Great job!

04-27-08, 04:51 AM
Kudos on calling EMS! Although it may not seem like it, you did the right thing. As a self confessed party girl with a past I know that sometimes people over do it, and it is generally those whom you least expect. The best way to handle those situations is to pass them on to someone who KNOWS how to handle then. Bravo! You get a good friend award!