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03-04-04, 05:42 AM
I am new to this forum...I found it because someone posted some wonderful comments about this book...

I am the author and also a parent. I have read most books on adhd I have been at this over nine is what lead me to search for answers and finally write the book...The current information didn't explain many of the social aspects of my sons challenges or his behavior I went on a mission to find explanations...I found the autistic spectrum...asperger's syndrome.

what I also found was deeper and bigger than I ever imagined! entire paradigm left me asking questions like..what if adhd is a symptom...we have attempted to build a syndrome around? Could that be why so many people describe it as... there must be more..what are we missing? is a common question after the intial adhd diagnosis...the co-occuring diagnoses are mounting to no avail

my favorite quote from Marcel Proust says it best...

The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes...but in having new eyes

I encourage you to take a look at this subject... you just may have a whole new way to view adhd, one that will change your perspective on almost every book written on the subject... I know I did.. The name of what we describe isn't as important as the understanding we get from it..

check out the similarities... they may surprise you...they may help you

Diane m. Kennedy

03-04-04, 10:25 AM
It's good to see you posting here! I have read a great deal about ADHD, autism, and child development too, and have been intrigued by the "overlap" between some of the symptoms. From what I've seen happening with some of my friends' children, it almost seems as if the dx a child winds up with might mostly depend on which professional they were taken to. I'm sure my 5-y.o. falls somewhere in the ADD category, but that alone doesn't explain everything....

03-04-04, 04:27 PM
You are so very right...doesn't explain everything...and depends on what professional does the diagnosing...I have found this to be the case most of the time...there really isn't any bad guys...most professionals are taught see these symptoms think is what is taught...dr. has been widely drilled...

when you examine the in what is being described the confusion starts...they are indeed describing the same issues...sometimes just in a matter of degree of impairment...the DSM doesn't allow you to actually have two answers for one problem(whole other discussion) it states if these symptoms are better answered by another diagnostic catagory then you must choose that one, not diagnosis

and although many suggest they all overlap to a degree...I am convinced adhd and autism are more than just "overlapping"...each field is working hard to teach these professionals see these symptoms think...

But can you see how in the "popularity" polls adhd wins hands down...more exposure... more training to the professionals... the part I am on a movement about is... autism has more ...much more... accurate science, research and treatment for these identical issues...but if professionals aren't ...aware... autism has these answers...they will continue to diagnose adhd as a first choice...

the parent then ends up after sadly maybe years with multi co-occuring dx's cocktail meds, and feeling like there must be more to this...not to mention the "early diagnosis window of most effective intervention is long past.

It is the above scenario..that breaks my heart beyond comprehension...a parent writes...

when I read your book I understood my son better than I had in 19 years! ..I cried tears of joy to finally have answers...but mostly tears of regret...why hadn't I been told this information about Asperger's syndrome before?

...because autism is misunderstood and not as well presented to the professionals as is almost as if adhd is in the way of the right answer... why those inside adhd are not having sucess find the answers

hope I haven't confused is my hope to spread the word to all so that we all may benefit from the most accurate diagnosis and effective treatment...together we can make a difference...

03-09-04, 02:53 PM

I appreciate your spending time expanding our understanding of the (potential) link between ADHD and Autism. Certainly has opened my eyes to some interesting possibilities about myself and those around me.

Thank you!

03-09-04, 10:56 PM
You are very welcome... I am happy to share the knowledge I have gained. It is through sharing we can help one another... and make a difference.I admire anyone who puts one of these forums together and provides the opportunity. I am going to have to learn how to navigate in cyper space a bit better ...


06-08-04, 06:29 AM
I must say I was bitterly disappointed - most of this book simply contained claims that "look, they are actually the same", constantly claiming that diagnostic criteria for both disorders actually mean the same thing when they are screamingly obviously NOT describing the same thing (without as much as an attempt to justify this claim!). :sick:

Throughout the book I kept waiting for SOME sense, for some FACTS to back up any of these claims, but time and time again found nothing but a repetition of the statemement that "they are the same thing", and a constant venting along the lines that most people with autism also have bipolar and are abusive, and that abusive/aggressive/selfish spouses must therefore have Asperger's.

Granted, many males and some females with ADHD or ASDs can have an explosive temper, but "can" is the keyword - abuse is neither a necessary part of either disorder, nor is a disorder an excuse for abuse!

Most abusive spouses do not have ADHD or autism, and many with ADHD/Autism and a bad temper do not turn to abuse - why give millions of disabled people a bad name because of the few who *do* have this problem? :nono:

As much as I BELIEVE there are close links between the two disorders, this book contained absolutely nothing useful, neither on the subject of ADHD, not on the subject of Autism, nor on the subject of how the two interrelate. :mad:

If anyone wants a decent and informative book on the connection between ADHD and autism, I would suggest reading "Reweaving the Autistic Tapestry". In spite of the tiring tapestry analogy this book actually has a lot of facts and background information and explanations as opposed to empty and unfounded claims and repetitions thereof. :D