View Full Version : First Year Teacher in a Pre-K to 2 Public School

04-14-08, 02:36 PM
Hi Fellow Teachers,

I'm a first year teacher in a pre-K to 2 public school. I started in September and I'm a bit concerned about the days I've been absent. I get 10 sick days, 3 family illness and 2 personal days. So far, I've used 6 or 7 sick days and 1 emergency personal day (mainly being sick and also disorganization). Right now, my teaching job is on a grant (TARA Aid) and I'm not sure if the grant will approve again to get rehired. I just wanted to know if that's too much days absent for a first year teacher and I'm worried about not getting rehired.

Also, I'm wondering if you guys are open to share about having ADD/ADHD to people at your school.

Just let me know about this.