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04-16-08, 09:01 PM
I seem to be bombarded lately with information from other's personal experience regarding a comorbidity of ADHD/ASDs with GI issues, particularly in childhood. I mean Serious issues like Crohn's, celiac's, IBS, diverticulitis, etc.

I am curious what issues are out there in ADDF land, would you mind sharing?

TIA. :)

02-28-10, 09:32 PM
This is possibly an issue for me at the moment and I am trying desperately to get to the bottom of it!!

Over the past year or so had problems, had unexplained weight loss, keep getting mouth ulcers, tummy bloating, gas, pains, headahces, nausea/tiredness after eating sometimes...and it seems to be gluten that triggers it off.

Went to doctors, had blood tests, they of course came back negative! I know this is common with people who do actually have coeliac but there has been a lot going on lately in the family so i wasn't in the frame of mind to question the results and ask where to go next.

She said it was probably just a bit of IBS/acid problem and prescribed me with Colofac which relaxes the bowel. It doesn't help cos I still get a huuge bloated stomach!!

I haven't really been able to eliminate gluten yet as it will be difficult, it is in so many foods, there is the cross-contamination side i said, stressful time at the moment for other reasons so i'm not in the right frame of mind to start something like that - but the other half of me is desperate for answers and certify if it IS gluten or something else!
So I can't really say if all foods give me bloating - but seeing as these IBS talbets didn't help, that says to me it isn't IBS and that there is more to it.

I plan on going to my supermarket tomorrow and getting a few things that are gluten free and won't have risk of cross-contamination. If I eat them and don't have bloating (which is a symptom that always happens quickly after eating for me) then I know I'm getting somewhere :) Of course I'll have to make sure I've not eaten anything with gluten in all day, cos once I'm bloated I'm like it for a few hours after eating.

Also, considering all the stress I've had, you'd think, if it was IBS, that things would have got worse. But they haven't. My mum has IBS and it gets bad when she's stressed etc. But my symptoms are NOT related to stress, and don't have poop problems :p Which, if IBS is properly diagnosed following a criteria, have to be there. But the symptoms for coeliec could be anything!

And my ADHD and mood/behaviour seems different, which of course could be gluten-related. I seem more hyper and excited...and irritable too!

And I get all these random aches and pains, I'm 20, I shouldn't be having these problems!

Just for the record, I have also had the following blood tests, and they all came back normal:

Liver, kidney fucntion
Full blood count
Electrolytes, creatinine (or something) and urea
Bone profile

02-28-10, 09:43 PM
Hi CrazyCat. I do hope you keep on the investigating what your issues may be. Those symptoms can be so many medical issues. The only way to really diagnose celiac is to do a GI biopsy, but of course you need to have consumed gluten for the GI tract to react and be visible on biopsy.

I used to get really bloated when I was young when mom fixed us cream of wheat. I could only eat a couple of spoonfuls before I was full. 40 years later I got a clue lol! You do not sound like IBS either to me.

Wish you luck with your trial tomorrow on the gluten free diet. Make sure you know the hidden names for wheat and barley flours (I'm sure you do) and weird foods they may hide in.

02-28-10, 09:50 PM
Thank you :)

The thing is, I can happily stay on a gluten diet if I knew I could get a biopsy done. But from what I've read, doctors usually refer people for one only if the blood tests were positive, which is frustrating! I could of course ask to be referred and maybe write everything down, as so far I have only spoken to her about my issues and often I get my point across better when giving written explanations.
But I've been to my doctor so much, they must be getting sick of me and then I get paranoid about that, thinking they're probably fed up with the site of me!

And I hate it when people get fed up with me going on about my problems and they say "It's like you want to have something wrong" I don't, I just want an answer to what IS currently wrong!