View Full Version : What does Risperdone do for ADHD?

mrs A
04-17-08, 11:40 PM
My son has tried all stimulants and seemed to build tolerances with them all. Strattera has now seemed to be ineffective so his dr. has now prescribed Risperdone at .5mg taken at night while weening off the Strattera. He also takes Biphentin for school. Haven't heard much about the Risperdone other than for aggression and for bipolar etc. but not sure about what effects it has on the ADHD. I understand it is suppose to help with his moods. Anyone with any experience with the drug and ADHD would be appreciated.

mrs A

04-18-08, 12:09 AM

It's an antipsychotic medication.

It blocks dopamine (the opposite of what ADD stimulant drugs do).

mrs A
04-21-08, 03:54 PM
Does this help with ADHD symptoms? I understand that this drug used at a higher dosage is for schysophrenia and bipolar, just wondering about the usage for ADHD.

04-22-08, 12:22 AM
Hey Mrs A,

You said your son builds a tolerance to all the stimulants. I am just curious about his past medicine regiments, name of drug and the dosage (increase) over time. If you feel uncomfortable divulging this information then pretend I never asked :). Like I said I am just curious and I have done a lot of research on stimulant tolerance, so I would like to see if it goes with the current research.

Thank you!