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04-19-08, 12:18 AM
Let me share with you some poems I have written....

They are a bit angsty, I know that. Critic them if you will.

The Soldier

Maybe later when the war ends I will end this life,
Only one more day I have to suffer
No more pain, no more crying.
Inside I am ripped apart
Crying is second nature to me
Another shell explodes on the ground
Barbed wire separates man from man
Roads now turned into craters flowing with blood
Only thing I hold onto is my pain
When it ends so will I
Never ever has this pain been so real
Inside I burn with rage against the enemy
Sometimes I shoot wildly into the air
Again and again
Shot by shot
Lying on the ground dying
Underneath a bleeding sky
Then it all ends…

Phantom Of The Opera

I stand in the empty theatre
The operatic voices silenced
I look across all the seats
Envision them covered with people
Awaiting with baited breaths
For every word I utter
And a single tear escapes
From my eye and slips
Running through the crevices
And pokemarks
Of my disfigurment
I turn away
I enter the darkness
It consumes me once again
No-one to share my pain with me
Lonliness is my company
Yet another day
When will this pain end?
Who knows?

All The Pain I've Caused You...

I sit on my bed
Tears running down my cheeks
Photos of us spead around me
All the memories
I feel like a fool
I relive every moment
Watching you cry
And all I can say is
I'm so sorry
For all the pain I've caused you
I'm sorry for not kissing you enough
I'm sorry for not hugging you enough
I'm sorry for not saying I love you enough
I'm sorry for not being true to you
Here I am
With my just reward
Sad and alone
Just as I have sown
So shall I reap
Memories is all I have left
I long for your touch
For the taste of your lips
Just to see you smile
To hear you laugh
When we were together
It was pure bliss
The world and everything in it forgotten
Time stopped
And I felt complete
With you...

I'm sorry.