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04-20-08, 08:48 PM
can a doctors note from my psychiatrist get me out of presenting in front of my class? im not exactly medication stable and just thinking about having to do a 20 minute presentation in a week and a half has given me 2 panic attacks and nightmares..everytime i think about it i start to hyperventilate..

04-20-08, 09:17 PM
I would definitely think so. Do you have a 504 or IEP in place? What the psych recommends should go into your plan. If you need something NOW, or you don't have a plan, then you could probably just call your psych's office and see what they can do to get you out of that part of the class requirements. You may need to talk to your counselor to find out what is needed and accepted on your school's end. Definitely pursue it though and see what you can do, other than take a crash course in anxiety during public speaking.